Arias Summary 5/20

The motion for a mistrial (because Patty was supposedly threatened) has been denied. Martinez pointed out that Patty refused to answer his questions regarding her and the defendant’s drug use. She then left for a few minutes with Nurmi and Wilmott (who are NOT her attorneys). When she returned she ‘took the 5th.’ This means she most likely wouldn’t have testified anyhow. She also apparently never claimed the income from pictures she sold to the Nancy Grace show.

Right after the judge denied the motion Nurmi stated he and Willmott wanted off the case…again. This was also denied. Then when the judge asked to call the witnesses Nurmi informed her they were not going to call ANY witnesses. The judge then asked if the defendant was ready to allocute and this resulted in the parties going back into chambers. We are now waiting.

The court adjourns for the day. Then the judge asks about telling the jury about Patty- apparently the defense wants a jury instruction regarding Ms. Womack. Martinez says it would not be proper as we don’t really know- it could be that the defendant had a ‘bad background.’ Nurmi mentions the jury will wonder why no witnesses as they said there would be two. The judge will indicate to the jury that Ms. Womack is ‘unavailable.’ Martinez asks to approach. Nurmi asks for a stay of these proceedings- it is denied. The jury is brought back in. Judge tells jury they cannot continue today and will resume tomorrow.

Back tomorrow at 9:30.


5 thoughts on “Arias Summary 5/20

  1. Julie Scott

    As always…surprises…and Defense nonsense. Can’t wait until tomorrow! Your information about Patti was very interesting. BTW… I received a message that you wanted my Friend list on Facebook…but sorry, I don’t “do Friends” and use Facebook very minimally. Sorry…but thanks for the information!

    1. edimminger Post author

      Julie- You need to know this- I never requested your friend list!!! I don’t even know how to do that! It had to be someone else. So glad you didn’t accept. And I also have a policy of not allowing anyone on my facebook either.

  2. Jay

    I checked out everything you quoted about Patty Womack (from the Chris person) and none of it is verifiable.
    The video at her site that supposedly shows her giving Martinez the middle finger doesn’t show her anywhere in it.
    Her arrest case record is another dead end. If she was arrested for DUI while under the influence of drugs, there’s no way to access that information short of going to the California court in California – I know because I called up the court and asked.. Elsewhere on her twitter page this Chris person says she first heard that story elsewhere, hearsay from ‘a friend.’

    Is this the kind of character assassination information you want to post on your blog without verification?

    1. edimminger Post author

      Wow- I honestly thought Chris Stark always had proof. I did think I saw the arrest record.And she said she had verified the rest with a friend?


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