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Donovan Can’t Contact Jodi


From Monica Magnes:

“As confirmed by KPHO Channel 5 news, Phoenix, this evening, May 17th 2013, the Maricopa County Adult Probation Department has launched an investigation into convicted felon Donovan Bering’s association with convicted felon Jodi Arias. Donovan Bering is on Supervised Probation for a class 2 Felony Conviction, Arson of an Occupied Structure. She is forbidden from having contact with any convicted felon as stipulated in her Supervised Probation agreement.”


And another interesting tidbit:

From Ace Hunter who commented on the above:

“She is also not supposed to go to any bars but I just saw him/her on TV in a bar giving an interview and playing darts. So byebye Jodi’s twitter, website, art sale, t-shirt sale, fund raising crap.”


Another comment: (Lou Tracey-Walker):

“Somebody from another support group called the probation office and told on Donoman for tweeting and being in court every day. What I want to know is how could they NOT KNOW she was doing these things when this mega million dollar case is in their own backyard. OH and lady in a support group is getting threatening e-mails from Donoman she has them saved.”


And my favorite comment: (Denise Utter Pribe):

“She’s an arsonist and she should be behind bars too!! I almost feel sick when I look at her, PUKE!!!!”


This case has been disturbing in many, many ways. The savage way Travis’ life was taken is never far from my mind. One thing I didn’t expect was to see how many disturbed people are out here on the streets. Like a lot of JA’s associates/friends. I don’t know how long Donovan was behind bars but I’m pretty sure it wasn’t long enough. Really- to set fire to a building with people in it? Who were they? Were there children? How could ANYONE do such a thing?