Bad Love Songs



Just in time for Valentine’s Day Twitter has unleashed #HarsherLoveSongs. Thought it would be fun to share some with you…or you can share some in the comments!


How Deep Is Your Wallet

My Eyes Abhorred You

The Girl Is Mine. Also I’m taking the car and the television.

Your Body Is A Wonderland…that should have gone undiscovered.

Your Body Is A Sochi Hotel Room (For more on this type ‘Sochi’ into my search bar).

That’s The Way Love Blows

Lovin’, Touchin’, Squeezin’, Stranglin’, Buryin’.

I Just Called To Say I Love You…as a friend.

When A Man Dumps A Women

I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing…so I brought a camera.

Hopelessly Addicted To Glue

Baby Got Back Fat

At Last…you left and I got some peace and quiet.

Someone Like You…except hotter.

You’ve Got Bette Davis Thighs

Teenage Nightmare

You Are So Beautiful…on the inside.

Cuts Like A Machete

Your Sixteen, Your Beautiful, and now I’m going to jail.

50 Ways To Kill Your Lover

I Want To Hold Your Hand…but not in public.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered…here’s your restraining order.

Your Body Is A Legoland

My Heart Will Go Online Dating

Your Song (No, Not You, The Person Behind You)

I Wanna Dance With Somebody…Else

Maybe I’m Amazed…Maybe Not

Endless Codependency

Lovin’ You Is Easy…Cause I’ve Had 8 Beers

I’ll Make Love To You…because I made a bet with the popular kids that I could sleep with you on prom night.

Let’s Stay Together…since your the one with the Netflix account.

I’ve Got You Under Surveillance

If You Leave Me Now…I can play more video games.

Love Is In The I took a Claritin and brought my inhaler just in case.

I Will Always Love You…oh, wait, that person over there is more attractive…never mind.

Every Little Thing She Does is Passive Aggressive

It HAD to be you?

Thanks, Twitter!




10 thoughts on “Bad Love Songs

  1. deej

    Ha! Too much fun!

    You’ve got Marty Feldman eyes..
    Your my candelabra…
    You’ve got big feet…

    Cool idea. I identified most on your list. =)

  2. deej

    Is something strange going on with WordPress? Maybe I am doing something wrong… ?

    I keep getting the “confirm” email, even tho I have confirmed at least 3 times.


  3. deej

    I googled him (great word association:)
    He died of a heart attack in 1982. How strange is that… That song of Kim Carnes ? (not positive on her name) I graduated high school in ’81, and my best friend and I used to do this game, and I think that song maybe was my Jr. or Sr. year, I should have googled that song!
    I had no idea he died around the same time. We both went to college that next year. That blows me away on the timing of that. I loved him in that funny (Albert Brooks?) Frankenstein spoof! I should have read more about him and I would know that movie!

    Did you guess the other 2 songs? I know a bunch more that she and I used to do, but could not put my finger on them. It drive me crazy all night! Thanks! 😉

    WordPress did it again just now. Maybe it is simmering I am doing, I have only posted on one other blogger. So who knows. But no need for apology, I know it’s not you.

    Thanks again, that was fun.


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