Satan’s Following Me!


So I decided to check my Twitter followers to see how many were following me for my sarcastic Big Brother comments and how many were following me for my Trial coverage. Turns out Satan is following me! It actually stopped me in my tracks for a second. Then I thought, well, I am following the tweets of God, so maybe he got jealous? He wanted to even the field somehow? I don’t have many followers so why me? You’d think he would follow a Kardashian or maybe Lindsey Lohan. So then I thought- well i could block him…but I am new to twitter and don’t know how to block anyone and also do I really want to piss him off?

11 thoughts on “Satan’s Following Me!

  1. Deej

    HaHaHa! That is some funny shit! Disturbing, but funny. I really thought you were going to say it was Jodi, I had just read your previous post, so my mind was on her. That disturbs me! That my mind actually stayed on her!

    I have a twitter account, but I am useless on it.

    Tweet to him to get behind thee… Maybe he will understand that verbage. =)

    1. edimminger Post author

      Thanks, Deej- I was going to try to put Jodi in there somewhere, but thought I would do a random post and see what feedback I got. So Thank You for the nice feedback!

  2. debblogs

    Funny! Love the part about Satan following Kardashian or Lohan. I wouldn’t block Satan — he’s probably pretty interesting in his own way (kind of like Jodi).


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