Jodi Speaks-Her First Interview

About 20 minutes after the verdict Jodi Arias met with ‘MyFoxPhoenix’s Troy Hayden. He said she was ‘shaken’ and crying. She said she didn’t have a direct message for the jury but that she had prayed for them. When asked her response when the verdict was read she said: “I think I just went blank.” She also mentioned being overwhelmed and having to take it one day at a time. She said that there was ‘no pre-meditation on my part’ but that she could see the felony murder because of ‘how the law was written’. When Troy mentioned the jurors not believing her story she said she could understand as she had told lies. She reiterated that she would prefer the death penalty because ‘The worst outcome for me would be natural life…longevity runs in my family.’ She also said she hopes Travis’ family has ‘greater peace.’ Another part of this interview is coming up at 5:30–watch the live stream at:

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