Defense files for Mistrial

Updated—new info:

1.  There has been an addition to the states rebuttal witness list. They have added Detective Robert Brown of the Mesa Police Department. He is in computer forensics. I’m guessing he will talk about the lack of any kind of porn on Travis’s computer. (Remember Jodi told Alyce Laviolette that she had seen Travis masturbating to pics of boys on line, she of course now denies that she told her that.)

2. Here is the link to the motion filed by the defense regarding juror misconduct. I understand that this was filed yesterday around 3 pm based on info that came out on Thursday.

From earlier today:

**Possible juror misconduct may result in a mistrial.**

According to HLN the defense has requested either a mistrial or that a juror be dismissed.  Beth Karas has indicated that the juror is juror #5, the married  white female (maybe in her 30’s)  with red and blonde hair.  Apparently she made a comment showing bias when other jurors were present. As of this moment the jury is still intact, but the motion has been filed.

Still a mistrial is considered a long shot, Beth also mentioned that with the money spent so far on this trial and the time put in so far a mistrial is unlikely. Possibly the one juror could be excused, and other jurors questioned to see if they heard the comment.   Then other jurors might also be excused. It looks like we will have to wait until tomorrow to find out more information. Tomorrow starts at 9:30 pacific time.

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