Baby Elaina Dead?

Relatives of a cellmate of Angela Steinfurth (the baby’s Mom) contacted the FBI with the following information: Angela confessed to helping her boyfriend dispose of the baby’s body. According to the source (Connie Elam) Angela’s boyfriend, Stephen W. King, threw baby Elaina against a wall late the eve of June 1, injuring her. He then put the toddler down for a nap and returned later to find the baby had died of the injuries. They then wrapped her up in a blanket and took her down by the high-level bridge and threw the baby inn the river. A neighbor said she saw the couple leave between 12- 1am in their van for about 20 minutes. Relatives of the cellmate say she has nothing to gain by providing this information. Link to full article:

24 thoughts on “Baby Elaina Dead?

      1. Penny

        Thank you edimminger for adding the link. Tomorrow is another day and there will probably be another story. Still think mom is hiding something. I hope she and anyone else envolved in this tragedy should get at least life n/p Please keep updating if you hear anything else.

      2. edimminger Post author

        I certainly will. So sad for a child to be taken so very young like this. I do believe the story about the boyfriend abusing her as the mother admitted she had a black eye, bump on her head and a bloody nose.

      3. Penny

        But then again how do we know it was not her that did it and is going to pin it on boyfriend. Could be the Ninja’s again. They do get around you know.

  1. Judy Peal

    I figured Baby Elaina was deceased., and she looked exactly like her mother. This is horrible.

      J. C. Peal


    1. Penny

      My feeling is their both involved. Elaina’s dad should have taken either of the kids over to see mom. Dad plays a part in this as well. One look at that house I would never drop my kids off!

      1. Penny

        He left her because of how she treated her girls. He stated she pulled them by the arms screamed at them and a few more things I can’t remember. He is guilty for allowing her to visit and a moron also

    1. Daisy

      K: want to hear ultimate betrayal? There’s a trial going on now about baby “Gabriel”. His mother claimed to the child’s father on phone that she ‘strangled him; he turned blue then stuffed him into diaper bag and thrown into dumpster’ And excuse #2: She gave him to an unknown couple in a park. How about that???

  2. Daisy

    Don’t know what to believe about Elaina’s situation. Only thing I know is a child is hurt or dead and missing. King’s family and mother knows where and what happened to Elaina. Gonna wait to see what search party from this weekend dug up and what police talks with mother’s 3 cell-mates said to them.
    Penny: mother’s on trial and no, they haven’t found Gabriel yet. Father of Gabriel is really affected.

  3. Daisy

    I’ve been watching the trial on TruTv – In Session I don’t know’s wrong with these girls and their emotions! Elaina’s mom cried like hell in court only saying ‘..I want to go home..’. WHAT ABOUT THE BABY???? Her step father’s no help. He keeps defending daughter but how about he go over the Stienfurth’s and help LOOK for Elaina instead of gabbing????

      1. Daisy

        Priorities are screwed up! Family values are lost! Baby Gabriel’s mother allowed jealously go play the bigger of her priorities that’s for sure!! How can anyone say what she said (“…choked him and he turned blue so I stuffed him into diaper bag and threw it into dumpster…”). HOW’S IT POSSIBLE?? Then she said she gave him to a couple at the park…dunno their names. IS THAT SUPPOSED TO BE BETTER THAN THE DUMPSTER STORY??????

  4. Daisy

    AZ vs Johnson (Baby Gabriel) – trial still going strong. Hopefully will be over soon. Unfortunately, Gabriel’s not been found. I guess Baby Elaina’s still missing. I think she’s in heaven. Seeing all the pics of these two kids just tear me apart!! I haven’t heard nothing about baby Levon. Anyone???


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