Patty Admits: No Death Threats

Just now on the Dr. Drew show Patty Womack, who asked Dr. Drew to introduce her as ‘Jodi’s Former Friend’, said she ‘never, ever received a death threat.’ She also said they were friends from ages 12-20, and that she and her other friends that knew Jodi couldn’t believe such a ‘sweet, sweet girl’ could do such a thing. Patty also disputes the DUI (for heroin) charges and the aggravated assault charges saying someone made them up and she has ‘never been in trouble.’ Then she went on to say the “State Vs. Jodi’ site posted her address and now the ‘whole entire world’ knows where she lives. (For more on Patty just type in “patty’ in my search bar.)

63 thoughts on “Patty Admits: No Death Threats

    1. allena53

      Hello A Friend of the Killer, ( Who by the Way ) Lied during the whole Case, of Killing Travis Alexander,,, Doesn’t take a Clue to see,, Anyone close to this woman,, Lies,, Deceive,,Anything to get Money to be in the News,, As it seems clear to Me,, All and Anyone,, Only likes to be in the News,, Especially the Killer,,, Including all Her Lies, Deceit, No Remorse what so ever,, From Anyone who knows her personally,,Including her Family,, Laughing in Court,, in Front of the Poor Murdered Man’s Family,, So Sad

  1. runaroundmom83

    The State vs Jodi Arias is a FB page, I am on it and the admins posted shortly after that comment was made, that there was never anything posted that she is aware of, doesn’t even know where she lives. She needs to put the bong away!

    1. Beth Goulet

      I am on The State vs Jodi Arias also and there has never been any type of address information posted on there Patty. Hodi’s defence lawyers were the ones to make issue of Patty being threatened and Jodi in her final mitigation speech to the jurors – She also said her friend was too afraid to attend court her lawyers said Patty had received death threats. They are all conspiring with fraudulent claims to defame the Prosecutor and others involved. As far as Patty not having a criminal record, well it’s all public record; go see for yourself.

      1. Brenda

        Exactly! This is PERJURY! She needs to be charged-hint hint Mr Martinez! Pretty “smart” to admit on NATIONAL TV a straight up LIE! I REALLY wonder what the jurors think NOW that they have seen and heard more information!!??

      2. Allena Pond

        As we all can see,, This woman,, as being a Friend of the Killer,,, is a Liar ,,, Also,, Cannot Believe a Word said from her also,, Would have Known,, Since it seems,, whoever is involve with the Killer,, Lies,, Deceive, Cannot Trust anyone, on her side What so Ever,, Especially her Family,,

    2. Kim Thomas

      I am also following the same page, and have never seen the posts that PW refers to. The page is in support of Travis Alexander, but admins monitor the page effectively and have spoken out against any type of violence or threats.

      1. edimminger Post author

        I also read that page and do not remember any map!?! (By the way they were nice enough to actually put my blog on their page!)

      2. K

        It’s just a bunch of bs to look like victims. And probably to deflect from the degenerates at the Jodi is innocent site…that site called Travis’s family inbred meth head liars and fake cryers. Just disgusting.

  2. Daisy

    Well ain’t that grand! Another liar! Can someone explain why she would be introduced, in Dr. Drew’s program, as ‘Jodi’s former friend’ and still say how sweet Jodi was????

  3. K

    She knew Jodi from 12 to 20, didn’t Jodi kill Travis when she was 27 or 28? So, she didn’t know Jodi even near the time she was stalking Travis. She has no relevance whatsoever. She didn’t have the guts to speak for Jodi because she knew Juan was gonna rip her apart. But now she keeps poppin up to get some more tv time. I wonder if she will try to speak next time? I think it’s pretty odd Jodi has no one else.

    1. runaroundmom83

      Pothead got married in 2004, JA was in the wedding, but according to Pothead, they were friends until they were about 20?? I think my calculator broke on that one. As far as these interviews, I used to admire Dr Drew and Nancy Grace, but I’m pretty much done with them now after all of this regurgitating of the JA trial. Bring something to the table that is quality instead of National Enquirer material.

      1. Tina

        I totally agree with you. I don’t watch her show anymore. When she had Searcy on that did it for me. She played into his ego. The same with the others. I hate to say it but are all PPL/LA manical sales people? When the trial was going on they chewed and chewed then regurgitated the slop of the day. I like Judge J a little better, not much but a little. Just report the facts as they are released, don’t drag JA out in the public through her so called “friends” to give them more air time than they need. TA’s friends are classy, say little and keep it to the truth. (as far as I know)

  4. Kathy

    This woman keeps complaining about people harassing her but she keeps doing talk shows. If she would just STFU and go away, she would be a distant memory within a week!

  5. mary g

    isn’t she the one who was growing pot on the roof with jody ? in my opinion that’s trouble.. I have seen where jody was never in trouble with the law, yet her father stated on flores intetrview they were growing pot on the roof. sick of this group of liars.

  6. Sheri

    Dr Drew need to invite you on to clear up Patti’s lies! Clearly she’s loving the attention or Dr. Drew can’t find any decent guests.

  7. debkay

    There was never a map ever posted on State vs. Jodi Arias . I know cause I have been a member forever it feels like . I call BS and big fat lie’r

    1. Pam

      You know who I’m getting disgusted with? Its HLH News TV. I’m not advocating violence toward anyone but people are entitled to their anger. HLH News has been a force behind all of us building up steam. Thats ok…… until they then do and about face on us all. They are right to say threats are bad and should not be tolerated, I agree with them. In other things its like they sometimes talk out of both sides of their mouths. Example: This Patti thing. They gave us all the down and dirty details on Patti and some of the shows repeated them over and over again. Like they want to sear it into our brains. ” listen to your own shows” Then Patti comes on and plays cry me a river and denies all and everyone practically wipes her nose. By buying her crap, isn’t that pretty much trying to tell their viewers they believe Juan Martinez is a liar? She said he lied about her. Dr Drew said last night that people come down on you when you don’t agree with them. NO.. Dr Drew ” People come down on you when you are “”inconsistent””. Patti has proven she is like #438434 in that she lies. I think I am going ti stick with Juan’s version of events and give up on my favorite TV channel. If there is a way to send this to HLH..someone please send it. I am not very computer smart. They need to be spanked.

  8. Shay

    I thought it was Jodi who first came up with the ‘her life was threatened’ bull…. the poster who says that because you know someone when they are relatively young, doesn’t mean you have any idea the person she has become. Jodi will get justice, one way or another, I am fine with either… life no paroll or death – both are a death sentence, just that one will take much longer to get here, she will never be free to hurt anyone ever again which is the main thing.. If she gets life no paroll, her ‘fame’ will soon fade, she will become a ‘nobody’, which will be truly painful for her. God Bless Travis, his legacy will live forever for all of us.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree- I am soooo glad that she got murder one…especially after hearing from the foreman! No doubt the defense team is coming up with these death threats–didn’t Nurmi and Willmott also say they were threatened? Travis is known and loved by many now. I feel horrible for his family- think about what Stephen went through- now that is PTSD!

      1. Pam

        All these reporters and not one word..don’t you find that a little weird. Especially since he was such a big part of both cases as a witness.
        !. Did he see bruises?
        2.What really happened when Jodi confronted his new gf?
        3.We know she stalked him but how much?
        4.Did she ever get violent with him?
        5.How was she with him sexually when she wanted her way?

        Not one peep about him???????

    1. allena53

      Maybe ,, Jodi’s good friend,, Who does all Jodi’s Tweet for her ,, from Jail,,, Maybe,, Just Maybe,,, Jodi herself, had that Posted,, as her Only Witness,, Didn’t show in Court,, Her way of digging a knife into her so call Best Friend,, ???? To get even with her for not showing up,,, So Call,, who else knew this lady’s address,, and knew her tweeter account? But the killer,, and pissed off with her,,, ?? logic thinking,, Her friend who does all Jodi’s Tweeting,, so in love with Jodi,, would do anything,, ANYTHING for her Jodi,,, including,, hurting other’s,, would seem,, I seen this so call friend sit behind Jodi,Shaking her head on everything Juan, says,, on the truth against her friend Jodi,, get pissed off on Juan,, for speaking the truth,, Sad,,

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  10. Rhonda

    can you let ‘Patty’ know, she and her loser murderous friend can slip back into obscurity and no one gives a rat’s ass about her or that other piece of shit. Oh her address, who cares…it’s going to be J.A.I.L too….

  11. Patty Carr

    Is every friend & and family member of Jodi disturbed? Lying seems to be the common thread that runs through this girls relationships! Just a clue Patty Womack , we never believed you got death threats.

  12. Angel

    @Pam…I have been asking, those questions as well! WHERE IS MATT?
    On Jodis “1,000 mile trip”, she visited and stayed the night, at Matts and Jodi repeatedly stated that “Matt would NEVER detray her”. It was eluded to, that Matt was the intended recipient, of the “secret” mag. messages. So, it is more then a bit odd, that not even a reporter, has tracked this guy down. Its as if he’s fallen off the face of the earth. With that being said, I do believe, he’s a bigger player in all this, then we know!

    Patty, Patty, Patty….what can be said about Patty?
    Not much, as she’s nothing more, then a two bit druggy, but with a bit of empathy.
    Empathy? Yeah I said empathy! I think it was one thing, to take the stand and say when she hung out with Jodi, that she was a sweet girl, but I don’t think Patty realized, the defense was going to USE HER, to dish the dirt, on the parents!

    Patty was right there, ready, willing and able, UNTIL Nurmi stated, that Patty would testify, to the abuse Jodi suffered, at the hands, of her parents. Right after that, was when this BS story, of death threats came out!

    Think about it. Patty is sitting next to Sandy, conversating and sharing laughs together. Oh, they’re calling my name, hold my seat for me sandy. I’ll be right back, after trashing the s***, out of you and the family, wish me luck! lol

  13. Potatoes Browning

    IMHO Dr Drew has lost perspective and is dedicating himself to be in search of ratings. The last few weeks of his shows have been like a can of silly string,all over the place. The only reason I keep watching his show at all is that I enjoy hearing the incites and ideas of Dr Cheryl Arutt, Holly Combes and Dr Wendy Walsh.When it comes to the subject of human behavior they always give me something take away and to think about. I kind of like Mark Erglash too.He has some good legal stuff. As to Drew. It is getting somewhat difficult watching shows like Patti speaks because they are annoying and and motivated by a hope that the ratings go up.If Miss Patti and Arias friend and family and the jury foreman really do feel threatened and bad mouthed well there is an easy fix to the problem. They just have to shut up and stay off of Dr Drew and Grace and Velez .Just stop talking and explaining people and the bad vibes and discontent towards you will go away. It’s really that simple.Really.

      1. Pam

        Mark never changes his opinion like the rest of him. I watch him. He just kind of screws up his mouth. He has that As . I thought it was a blog so I filled it out and wrote my opinion. You guys know me by now. This was while 438434 was testfying hahaha.. I hit send then noticed it was a site to apply for legal help and where I wrote was to explain what your legal problem was. Wellllllllllllll needless to said I felt a little tiny bit stupid. “read before you type”

  14. deefox2007

    If Patti’s middle name is “Ann” and lives in Riverside County…then she has a “Criminal” arrest record. She talks a lot about the lies people are saying about her but she doesn’t back it up. If someone put false information out there about me, I would explain EXACTLY why that information is not about ME.

      1. Pam

        I would believe Juan Martinez over her any day. I lost a lot of respect for HLN when they believed her about no record “soccer mom” . That was same as agreeing with Patti that Juan was lying about her in court. She told them on air her life was threatened. Then she said she wasn’t. HLN is losing credibility fast with me and a lot of my friends.

  15. deefox2007

    If Patti’s middle name is “Ann” and lives in Riverside County…then she has a “Criminal” arrest record. She talks a lot about the lies people are saying about her but she doesn’t back it up. If someone put false information out there about me, I would explain EXACTLY why that information is not about ME. But, as far as I can tell, she has a record and it ain’t pretty. In fact, it showed she had a warrant for her arrest in May which is why she didn’t go back to court for fear of being arrested.

  16. sillyhaha71

    The death threat assertion was a defense ploy. In their motion to postpone, the defense said that Patti had been threatened and because ALV received death threats, they thought it was safe to assume that Patti did to. They were very careful to not say that she did receive death threats.
    Patti discovered that JM knew of her drug use with JA and that she made money selling JA’s art and did not report the income to the IRS. Patti was given the option to testify by phone in a closed hearing during the penalty phase of the trial. No trial watchers would know of her testimony. But if she testified, her testimony could be used against her in her personal legal problems.
    During the penalty phase, Nurmi said that Patti refused to enter the state of AZ. I thought that was odd. I think Patti felt that her legal problems could become worse if she testified or even entered AZ legal territory. She would not risk her own freedom by being honest on the stand and having additional issues or committing perjury … and increasing her legal problems. Patti wasn’t threatened by anyone. She just realized that her personal life was at risk if she testified in a trial and was asked fair questions about her drug use.

  17. Casey Riddle

    I keep reading posts saying Patty lied and she should be held on perjury charges. When was she under oath? It’s not perjury to tell a lie when you are not under oath.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I am not a lawyer but she did not testify in open court, however she was questioned by Martinez in a closed session. In the closed session she refused to answer and then decided not to testify. So I think you are correct, she did not perjure herself. Some of the things she has said outside of court, however, are questionable.


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