Arias Trial Transcripts

We are finally getting a glimpse of what was going on behind the scenes in the courtroom. During the testimony of Alyce LaViolette, Willmott was trying to get in an example of Travis telling Jodi he was going to kill himself and Martinez said: ““But the thing is that if Ms. Willmott and I were married, I certainly would say I F’g want to kill myself. That doesn’t mean I want to kill myself. It just means there’s a bad relationship and I want you to leave me alone.” (From an article by Michael Kiefer:

In a released transcript during an argument regarding hearsay evidence Martinez tells Willmott: “…maybe you ought to go back to law school.” Nurmi asks the judge to admonish Martinez for his statement about wanting to kill himself if married to Willmott and for the crack about going back to law school. The judge responds: “Council, I know some of this is tongue and cheek, some of it is just the stress of the trial, but let’s try to be as professional as possible when we have these bench conferences.” (Link to transcript:

Thanks to NancyB for these links!

11 thoughts on “Arias Trial Transcripts

      1. Deej

        I just wanted to thank you for your writings, I enjoy everything! Are you planning to blog the Andrea Schniderman (sp?) ? You have really been extraordinary with Arias, and I have become a bit obsessed. Thank you again!

      2. edimminger Post author

        Thanks so much for the kind words! It really does mean a lot- I don’t hear it every day…YES- I will be blogging the Sneiderman case and Arias at the same time…It will be interesting, I may be watching one during the day then the videos of the other at night.

  1. Pam

    Hey what happened to everyone? I haven’t received any blogs since that night we all went nuts blogging. I had to dig this out of old mail to send it. Other things that I belong to started coming through on WorldPress like the blog does. I hope I didn’t mess myself up?

    1. edimminger Post author

      Pam- I am still trying to reach you. I don’t even know if these replies are getting to you. I hope this one does- you can google “’ to get back to my blog. There you will see the latest posts. You can also follow by e-mail, if you want. We miss you!!!

  2. jo auld

    Thanks for this transcript. I think Mr Nurmi is a gentleman unlike Mr Martinez. Ms Wlmott should have some one liners up her sleeve for Juan if the judge is not going to admonish his bad behaviour. Even if it was only something lame like ‘… in your dreams Don Juan … in your dreams.’

      1. jo

        Fair comment. He is bright and has everything in his head – great to watch in action. Who has the easier job here … .

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