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From the most excellent blog of Dr. Kristina Randle I found this comment from Judith:

“I am sure that Mr. Jury Foreman with all of his delusions of grandiosity ie. “my jury”, considers any view but his own inaccurate. I am also certain that he consider his warped outlook as the only one and hung the jury 8 to 4, rather than the original 11 to 1 count after 2 hours of deliberation. He is much like Jodi as he wants to be famous and in the news. He is functionally coo-coo . And was not at the Jodi Arias trial or slept through parts he didn’t want to hear.

As a former forensic psychiatric nurse, (now retired) I have seen numerous borderlines such as Jodi and one and all have had no remorse and were all narcissitic and manipulative. Once betrayed, they are always dangerous, no matter how young or innocent they appear. They have the strength of 7 men when angry and it took that many to restrain them. I had an arm broken by one trying to subdue her!

Ask any psychiatric nurse or doctor who is their least favorite to treat and they will tell you borderline personality disorder because of all the manipulative lies and chaos they incorporate in their lives and while in treatment on the unit. The whole unit will be in an uproar because some people fall for their charm.

Give her death because she will NEVER know the error of her ways, her distorted view is that she is God’s gift to anyone she encounters hence, her arrogance.

I am sorry for anyone stuck with biased Bill on the jury. He obviously lived in a shell all of his life. I am only a few years younger than him but I am not naive nor do I let my emotions (in Bill’s case gonads) think for me.”

This trial has taken over my life. I never blogged or tweeted until this trial so I have learned a lot. I also feel like a quasi-expert on psychology and part of that is due to reading an excellent blog by Dr. Randle. Here is the link to her post about the jury foreman:

10 thoughts on “Psych Nurse Comments

  1. Judy Peal

    Now I am really mad . 11-1, due to the Foreman.    J. C. Peal


    1. runaroundmom83

      One of the jurors was on HLN and she said the foreman had no input to swaying votes, they were what they were.

  2. dana ridenour-reed

    I am new to your blog, and am already a huge fan!

    Thank you for all your hard work and great sluething skills.

  3. K

    I of course was not there..but I believe it was probably a lot to do with the foreman. He was the leader, at least that’s what he was supposed to be. If he had wanted dp, you can bet he and the other majority would have swayed the few. He knows this, that’s why he ran to speak first.

  4. Rose Chimera

    I find it very curious that those people who want to crucify the foreman of the Arias jury FORGET that it was a unanimous verdict for first degree murder. How can the public forget so soon and turn on people they were hailing as heroes in the court system so quickly? Leave the foreman alone, he voted his conscience which in the penalty phase he has every right to do! One juror who voted for the death penalty has come out in his defense, you should take a page from her life story and follow suit…no one should attack the four jurors that just couldn’t see putting someone to death as easy a task as the idiot bloodthirsty mob-thinking public seems to think it is!

    1. edimminger Post author

      I am not and have not attacked the four jurors. The foreman came out in the media and set himself up for public scrutiny. He did so after breaking a promise to the other jurors to wait. I do agree that we should be grateful that we got Murder One.

      1. Rose Chimera

        Ok, YOU aren’t attacking him but certainly the general public is. As for breaking that promise…I believe I saw interviews by a few other jurors prior to the end of Memorial Day weekend which was what allegedly was agreed upon by the jurors. So if one is wrong they’re all wrong.

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