New Jury Instruction

The judge called in the jury and read an instruction regarding Life In Prison, Then the sides argued the point- Willmott-Martinez-Willmott. There were no media allowed in, though later they got to see a video. From what I could gather Juan argued she could be paroled in 25 years and Willmott said if the jury was ‘merciful’ and gave her life that she would ‘never get out.’

2 thoughts on “New Jury Instruction

  1. Kim Moore

    I don’t understand what is taking them so long for this phase. When Jodi spoke to the jury she was not even human. It was a premeditated murder and in a very horrific way that has broken the Alexander family in so many ways. Jodi showed no mercy for Travis so why should she be allowed to live. If they could not give the death penalty then they should of passed on being a juror in this trial. Jodi has no heart or soul and is not close to her family. Her speech to the jury was all about Jodi. Not one time did she ask for mercy or say she is sorry for ruining the hearts of the Alexander family forever. She can not start all her projects in prison as they run the show there not Jodi. Praying the jury makes the decision soon so the Alexander can maybe heal someday.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I am with you 100%. She is an empty shell and the prisons do no need her ‘help.’ I thought this was an easy DP case and with the previous verdicts I expected this jury would have done the right thing by now.


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