Defense Files For Mistrial

According to the defense attorneys filed another motion for mistrial on Sunday. They say the witness Patty Womack withdrew from testifying due to death threats. Kirk Nurmi wrote in the motion ‘After returning home Ms. Womack began receiving threats, threats that included threats on her life if she were to testify on Ms. Arias’ behalf. On May 19th, 2013, Ms. Womack contacted counsel for Ms. Arias that she is no longer willing to testify due to these threats. It should also be noted that theses threats follow those made to Alyce LaViolette, a record of which was made ex-parte and under seal.’

The article goes on to say whether a defense attorney presents mitigation evidence becomes an issue on appeal.

4 thoughts on “Defense Files For Mistrial

  1. Susan Truitt

    How on earth can that weak Defense Team blame death threats on two witnesses on the State, therefore qualifying for a mistrial? I have never witnessed such a pathetic team of attorneys such as stabby’s team. On the flip side I have never seen an individual so mentally ill but was able to function for years until she finally cracked. She needs a team much more experienced than these two! Kurmi couldn’t stay awake half the time!

    1. edimminger Post author

      You do know she wanted to (and did) represent herself? That’s part of the problem…I think she is trying to run the show and it’s against what her attorneys believe would be the best course of action.

    2. runaroundmom83

      When I heard stabby’s friend “received death threats” and feared for her life, my thoughts went to stabby’s minions who likely staged it. But again, there are a lot of keyboard cowards out there just throwing crap into the wind so it all basically was a sham.


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