Juan Martinez Closing Argument-Part 1

This is a not a transcript I have paraphrased. Please try to watch as the dripping sarcasm and tone of Mr. Martinez’s voice are important. I will post in 3 parts.

  1. Main themes: JA is a manipulator, a liar and nothing is her fault.
  2. She looked at the jurors and lied directly to them (re: gas cans).
  3. Relationships- She manipulates the facts. She moved in with Bobby (who cheated) and I was so good (sarcasm) and lived in a trailer (never mind I was skipping school). She hits the backspace button to read his private e-mails (not her fault there isn’t better security on the computers in the library) just as she did with Travis. She immediately went to Bobby and confronted him.
  4. This individual killed Travis and even after stabbing him over and over and slashing his throat and even after shooting him she will not let him rest in peace. Now she uses lies.
  5. She staged the scene for the police.
  6. She uses the media, craves the limelight. She autographed her manifesto for when famous. Said: ‘No jury will convict me.’ Now let’s bask in the light of the truth. See who she really is. A manipulator. She wants to play the victim even though there’s no abuse. Her own e-mail said she was destructive.
  7. After Bobby she got with Matt. It’s not her fault she’s a good worker, a waitress and someone comes in and tells her things (what she wants you to believe just like with the Travis’ story, it repeats because she’s lying. She’s trying to manipulate you.
  8. Derryl- not her fault he doesn’t want to marry or have more kids. How can it be her fault that people have free will? She looks for someone else. Those Mormon boys are a good catch- family values, successful and to Travis’s misfortune he was that boy. Wanted a Mormon, a child- perfect catch.
  9. He (Travis) was so sexually interested in her (not her fault the word ‘No’ is not in her lexicon). She was thinking ‘No’- at least that’s what she told you. Never communicated to him. Manipulates and pretends to be the victim. She can’t point the finger enough that Travis was a bad Mormon. Why not leave if he is so bad? You are Mormon too.

10. She converted and had classes/met with missionaries. Not her fault they didn’t tell her (Law of Chastity). Travis is the bad guy- he said it was ok. In conceivable- she’s in the same situation. She wants your sympathy.

11. This relationship was long distance. She couldn’t reach out and shot him in the face. She stalked him and showed up unannounced.

12. They weren’t mutually exclusive so it’s ok to send texts to other women. But it’s ok after his Memorial to talk to a guy on the airplane and get a phone number. After all, the guy she was with up and died after she stabbed, slit throat and shot him.

13. Travis did see her and have sex. They are trying to shock you. He does what others do behind closed doors and he doesn’t want people to know.

14. On Feb. 14 she talks about her violent tendencies. One of the things she doesn’t talk about is receiving the package. It’s 4:30 – 5 pm (if mail is slow in Palm Desert) and there’s no mention of Spiderman underwear, no ‘Thank you’ for the chocolates, no such delivery. It can’t be verified- but she will make things up. She forgot about the e-mail. With the truth you don’t have to remember nothing.’ She can’t show the undies…she threw them away.

15. When she came over in Feb. she was ‘happy.’ Why did she have to go through his computer and hit ‘back-space?’ It’s not her fault, it’s his fault he has contact with men and women and how dare he attempt to spend New Year’s Eve with someone- he should be in a hut somewhere.

16. They are on vacation. She goes through his phone. One of the things she liked about him was he was social. There’s no names of anyone having sexual contact with him at that time. So that justified it, this person with borderline- so that’s it. We’re gonna break up (and she’s oozing through those fake tears on the stand) – yeah, I’m really hurt but let’s go on vacation anyway. She wants to curb his free will. But she’s not letting him go that easy. She moves close to him after the break-up. The stalking begins. Well, before she did the phone and the computer the first day they were officially boyfriend – girlfriend. There was stalking behavior from the beginning.

17. She’s in Mesa. Why is she here? He’s so persuasive he talked her into it. She just can’t say ‘No.’ According to her he asked her. When here rather than dating and being social she begins to be more attentive, perhaps then she’ll be the only one.

18. August 2007 she goes to his house unannounced. Peeps in the windows. By the light of the TV (now the light of truth) she sees them kissing. That is the end of the world. So what? He’s entitled to do it. The lights are off and he’s moved on. She could’ve left or never come in the first place. She’s so upset- sees the bra unhooked…so what is she? The Mormon conscious? She wants to manipulate your perception. Ruin his reputation. She comes back the next day (they are broken up) it’s ok to peep but she wants an explanation. What explanation did he ever owe her at that point?

19. The first domestic violence (DV) event she didn’t write because she’s a nice person. Or the Law of Attraction. You lie. It’s ok to lie to your journal- you’re lying to yourself. She’s making it up. There’s no corroboration of any incident.

20. Exploitive sex. She regaled us with these intimate details but she’s ‘uncomfortable?’ In the texts she’s the one requesting the sexual acts. ‘If you’re good…’ They were both in it. He never forced her to do anything. It’s an attempt to manipulate you.

21. The physical violence ‘wasn’t so bad’ so she didn’t write. No one knows, sees, no police calls – had a similar situation with Bobby and after calling 911 they didn’t come out. Justification. No 911 calls. Because it never happened. Everything in this case points to it did not happen. No medical records.

22. March 2008 she’s leaving and he hits her. In journal he ‘didn’t want me to leave’ and ‘gave me 3 tender kisses.’ Kissing is domestic violence. Then an apologist like Alyce LaViolette says: ’those words don’t mean what they say.’ Law of Attraction- it means just the opposite.

23. Jan. 22- DV – no corroboration. Says in journal ‘nothing noteworthy has happened.’ You are being asked to make a leap.

24. April 2008 another DV incident. She doesn’t tell anyone. She was very specific as to 4 of them. If telling the truth you don’t need to remember nothing. ’She told Dr. Karp there were 10, 15, 20 incidents of DV at that point for PTSD. What’s true? None of it is true. She’s manipulating the evidence. Karp said she had PTSD based on these DV acts. Not actually an attempt to manipulate- they are lies!

25. She moves and it’s like a ray of sunshine for Travis. When she was here she came over unannounced, broke into accounts and hid behind his Christmas tree.

26. May 10th– the sex tape. It’s very important to hear how she deals with him. He doesn’t know he’s being recorded. He can’t listen to it so what’s the benefit? Yes, he said some things, it was a private conversation between he and her even though they were broken up and she had stalked. He enjoys the sexual contact. She introduced him to certain things and opened his eyes sexually. What’s wrong is one is recording it. You can listen, draw your own conclusions. She kept it.

27. May 19 2008 Travis i-m’s Regan that he’s ‘extremely afraid of Jodi because of her stalking behavior. He has less than a month to live. He knows what’s going on between them. Alyce said it wasn’t true. She can read minds from the past and know what Travis is thinking. No- Jodi is manipulating. It says: ‘Jodi-read this.’

28. It was pre-meditated-who would know better than him? The peeping, tires, ring stolen, Christmas tree.

29. May 26. Well, he’s mean to her. That’s correct- he’s extremely afraid when those names are called. ‘I’m nothing more than a dildo with a heartbeat’ that’s how she made him feel. He feels derogatory to himself. She manipulates with sex. May 26 he tells her. She apologizes to him and all is supposed to be forgiven. He’s had enough. “I don’t want your apology, I want you to understand what I think of you. He’s afraid and he does think she’s evil. And look at the next words- how prophetic: ‘You are the worst thing that has ever happened to me.’ Any doubt that’s the truth? Do we need to look at pictures of his slashed throat? His frog-like crumpled up state in the shower- bullet in the temple? Yes he’s angry over everything she’s done to him. Like she‘s manipulated you with the gas cans- she lied. Then he says ‘you are a sociopath’ that expresses his feelings. ‘You only cry for yourself- you saw her cry on the witness stand. She never expected to get caught!  ‘You have never cared about me…you have betrayed me.’ He believes she has done something horrific. He’s done with her. ‘You’re sick and you have scammed me.’ Are you going to allow her to scam you- buy the lies?

30. May 28 (2 short days after) there’s a plan. No doubt she’s intelligent. She could buy a gun but in California there’s a waiting period. She indicated it. Knows her grandfather has guns. Begins the actual steps to Mesa to kill Travis. There’s no other explanation- she stole it, a very small gun ‘looks like a toy.’ The burglary was strange- they went through four rooms talking one thing from each room. Didn’t take money, left the large guns – rifle. Burglars don’t do that. The burglar is Jodi Arias sitting right there (points) and she needs a gun that can’t be traced. She began to take these steps after the text where he had had enough of her.

3 thoughts on “Juan Martinez Closing Argument-Part 1

  1. Susan David

    Thank you for doing this I never expected to get his closing arguments….but really do appreciate it….can’t wait for the next installment

    You don’t have to do the defense…..he spoke very very slowly so it will take you till next month to finish…..lol….

      1. JZ

        I agree. I don’t think we need to read through Nurmi’s either.
        Or you can just copy and paste this “Sex, lies and dirty little secrets” There, done. LOL

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