Juan Martinez Closing Argument-Part 2

  1.  (31) Money is tight, she needs to use credit cards. People can’t link her to Arizona. She calls Derryl. He still has feelings for her. He gulped before talking about the call where she says she’s going to Mesa. Alyce has the same in her notes. She needed gas cans. Alyce thought it was supposed to be an unplanned visit.
  2. Utah- Ryan…no one will know she was in Arizona. Gets 2 gas cans from Derryl. Rents a car from 90 miles away. Says Priceline didn’t offer same deal in Yreka. Her bank statement says she used Budget. She used Priceline for the flight to Travis’ Memorial. She lied to you. People won’t recognize her in Redding. Won’t be recognized at an airport. Gets a nice little red car. Says she’s just driving ‘around town.’ Red gets the attention of police and we certainly don’t want that. She’s on a mission to kill somebody. Why would you take a gun if not to kill this guy?
  3. They have sex down in the office. She scratched the CD- he throws it. He gets mad at everything! Why take these CD’s? To show who- other than him? She planned it- it’s a good way/excuse to show up…’the only reason I dropped by…’ She left Yreka with the CD’s but forgot when attempting to manipulate from the stand. She had to take those CD’s from her house then put in her car then in rental.
  4. The red car- police will see her. She was stopped by police in West Jordan. Wants to hide she’s going to Mesa because she’s going to kill him. Nobody would be upset if she showed up in Mesa…not the Bishop, not her family. Only reason is to kill. She makes preparations…you gotta tip your hat to her. The white car- gonna drive around…a field of lies sprouted around her on the witness stand.
  5. Spends a night at Matts, then Derryls. Got gas cans. Gas cheaper in Utah, Arizona- that was one of her reasons…so why fill them in Pasadena? For taking the drive to Mesa with no evidence she was here.
  6. Takes a detour- with some afterthought. A meticulous approach to killing. Buys a gas can in Walmart. Admits it. $12.96…I guess that’s the price of pre-meditation today. She is very specific: “I took it back to the same store that day.” JM: “Would it surprise you there’s no record of a return?” JA: “Yes it would, I got money back.” Why did she you tell you that? It’s pre-meditated…going to Mesa with a gun and knife. Knives are not in the bathroom.
  7. She doesn’t want to be recognized. (He puts up pic of her with dog, her hair has blond streaks). You don’t need anybody to tell you her hair color believe your eyes. She’s pre-meditating the murder. The state doesn’t even need to prove a whole plan like this, just that she thought about it. Now she can freely drive through Mesa.
  8. ‘Mr. Alexander guilted me into coming.’ Not her fault. She told him she was going to Utah. Problem is her word. Do we really know what he told her on that call? Or did she call to see who’s there and what he’s doing? Did he even know she was coming? Are you gonna take her word- she has no problem telling lies. ‘Yeah I was fakin’ it’…Squealing like a cat…’because I need 2 hands.’
  9. She lies outside the courtroom and on the witness stand.  She looked each one of you in the eyes and lied to you. Gas cans, Priceline, the finger- he kicked me (but no medical).  Cut at Casa Ramos or Margaritaville on a metal edge or a glass, or June 4th at Travis’ on a glass. What story are you gonna believe?

10. Something bizarre and coincidental – a hoard of skateboarders that carry screwdrivers (or you’re not allowed in the club). Get a Strawberry Frappe and things will happen to your plate. ‘I was pulling put and saw something flat on the ground. What would motivate you to go pick it up if you’re concerned with safety and you don’t know what it is? She didn’t even look at the back plate. Then it was a rectangle. No suspicion it’s for your car- why get outside of car and go back? When you’re lying – that’s when you do that. She didn’t compare the numbers, she takes it so now you’re a thief. In Utah one is upside down. So she can’t be identified. Can’t see because I need glasses, picks it up with bugs on it…thought it was mine. Who does that? No one does that! Because she got stopped and has to explain, so she made up a story.

11. Fills cans in Pasadena to get enough gas to get through Arizona. She said she stopped for gas. There is no evidence of it. She turned off the phone so she can’t be traced. Lost the charger…bought one at a store (that’s what she told Ryan) when cleaning up (from killing Travis) she found the charger under the seat. There is no electronic or physical  trail of her being here. She knows she was coming to kill him. No need to stop the phone, she loves the phone. Has a white car, gun and a knife.

12. She shows up to see him. She admitted she lied like that’s good. She knows the code 0187. She didn’t knock on the front door or peep in the back window. There’s no indication he came to the door.  It’s 4 am. Remember she said ‘I came in and stood by the door and watched him for 30-45 seconds.’ Who does that? Some stalker- unannounced- to surprise. The dog barks. ‘Hello.’ Brings purse in- big enough for gun and knife. They go to sleep. No sex? The sex fiend? ‘I was tired.’ She said no and he abided. They slept. The next day they have sex. Dr. Samuels says the photos were taken when she was straddling him. She tells him Travis had pictures of all these breasts on his computer.

13. He didn’t go to Yreka, she drove there. The camera- Thank God for the camera! Religious overtones. It’s all about him nothing about her. About the Mormon faith- she wants to manipulate you. He’s holding himself out as a virgin. With Deanna they transgressed and went to the Bishop and never did it again. The willing partner is right here…1 hand or 2 hands…she enjoyed it. (Shows pic of her naked on bed) Her face- can you tell by her grimacing face if that’s a bad face? The psych’s said that. It’s all about Travis. She never wanted to do it- it was all him. She was enjoying it so stop pointing a finger at him! Being a Mormon isn’t being a human? The finger points at both. That’s not what this case is about. Travis adopted what she provided (KY) what she introduced.

14. Shower pics- she says Travis wanted to show off his body.  She told Detective Flores that he really didn’t want to, he was reluctant. She told him she loved the way he shaved- old fashioned. She got him into the shower- it was more her idea than his. Think back to Derryl- he was asked if she ever took photos of him and he said only once, ‘I didn’t want them, I was in the shower.’ She takes photos…sexy…ill will there. Armed with both the knife and gun at that point. It’s ‘Calvin Klein’ the water dripping…it’s bucolic. That’s not what’s going on.

15. The rope. 20’ long tied to the bed. Depends on who whether tied at wrists or ankles and wrists. She’s making it up to justify the knife there. Why ankles? Then wrists and ankles? She changes positions- she has a lot to remember. There’s NO ROPE! She would’ve had to move to clean up the bedroom, wet with water and blood and go into bedroom and leave a trail. Nothing’s there.

16. The last photo of Travis (seated in shower) while still living. Quite a legacy. Defenseless- no gun, no knife. No dignity either. If anybody’s defenseless it isn’t Jodi Arias. His killer standing there dressed with a camera. Part of this story of hers is this is an accidental photo but look at the acuity/sharpness. She held camera firmly and pushed the button. She has him in that position, she can approach him. It’s her with the man she just had sex with and planned to kill May 28. Although pre-meditation requires thinking, not a plan, not days. It’s cold, without feeling pre-meditation, intimate with and attacks. Shot to head? Forensics say otherwise.

17. She lied to the police, the experts and here. Now we believe her with this one aspect? The cuts (knife) were in front, defensive wounds. He was alive. A knife wound to the heart, he’s not dying immediately, blood’s coming from his mouth. In a sense she’s already killed him. We know he gets up because throughout the bathroom everywhere there’s blood- that equals movement. Not ‘flopping if the fish’ but purposeful movement to save his life. As this time goes by there’s pre-meditation. After the first stab wounds he ambulates (she didn’t carry him to the sink) he goes there by himself. (Photo of the blood on the sink). The sink with his blood after he’s been stabbed. There’s patterns on this photo, injuries to the hands, more on the left…the smudge. Slight injury to right hand. He’s still alive but he’s still bleeding. There’s drops by gravity. Blood in his mouth. He’s stabbed in the back while there (pics) and the back of the head as he stands at the sink. Took time…he stood there. The defendant was there with the knife stabbing him. The mirror has blood spatter. Force was applied to his head (pic) when he was standing there- spatter on the mirror. He’s not dead. Still standing there. She came to visit him. (Pic) Blood transfer…the item with blood was Mr. Alexander. It’s a rainbow. Ironic, no good luck at the end of that rainbow.

18. He’s stumbling with somebody after him. He’s trying to get away from her. (Juan sees JA crying) Oh, she may cry now on instructions sympathy is not to be considered. Blood on the other wall, more at the bottom. She chases him down, that’s what she did. He’s still alive. How many stab wounds? Do we need to count? One to the chest will kill him. The back of the head, his back, accelerating his departure from earth. The end of his rainbow. That’s what she does (pic) slits his throat from ear to ear. He got there by his own movements as he tried to get away from her. He collapses. She goes for the throat. And you want to believe she doesn’t remember now? Why is she so directed if it’s just heat of passion? You wouldn’t have a directed hit to kill it would h=be all over the place. Indication of thinking. I caught him and now (pic0. This was a well orchestrated killing and it took time. People think…now stabbed, he tried to get away, at the sink, the mirror is reflective of what’s behind him. He’s seeing her stabbing him. She’s not done with him yet.

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