Why Wash the Camera?

One thing I feel compelled to address- the camera. I keep reading on the internet people saying that JA accidentally washed the camera. I don’t think so. In my opinion she took great delight in washing Travis’ brand new camera that he bought for the Cancun trip. If you recall she said on the stand that she was careful to stay a few feet away from the shower so the camera wouldn’t get wet. This proves she thought getting it wet would ruin it. I’ll bet at first she thought to just delete the incriminating photos, then after trying to clean the scene she grabbed the towels and clothes and then thought to wash it. I can just see her grinning as she is pouring bleach over his brand new toy and then turning on the machine. She wanted to destroy it just like she destroyed him.

7 thoughts on “Why Wash the Camera?

  1. Jan

    I so believe that she put the camera in the washer on purpose, fully believing that one it went through the wash cycle the camera and every photo that had ever been on it would be destroyed. Water, as well as fire, are two of the most destructive forces on earth when it comes to destroying evidence. Criminals have utilized those two methods in the past with much success. I digress. I’m sure she felt confident the camera evidence would be totally destroyed, I ‘ll hazard a guess that she congratulated herself on her brainwave to throw the camera into the washer!

      1. Jan

        Yes they do. Not sure if Travis’ camera was specifically waterproof but supposedly an expensive camera, and somehow it gave Travis a voice in that the pictures really do speak volumes. I just pray the Jurors will be able to focus…

  2. Jennifer Cherry Rose (@hillbilleter)

    I think she put everything that had her blood/DNA on it into the washer with bleach in order to destroy all traces of herself. If she took it, someone could find it in her possession or wherever it ended up. There would be a mix of hers & Travis’s blood in all the nooks & crannies. So total immersion in bleach water struck her at a way to destroy the evidence, not only of the photos, but of physical traces of herself. She even mentioned to Det. Flores that she had heard that the camera had broken into pieces in the washer, assuming that was the case. Bet Sony is selling a lot of cameras just because it came out of that washer in one piece.


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