Defense wants ‘Heat of Passion’

According to Vinnie Politan the defense has filed papers to give the jury the option of “manslaughter by Sudden Quarrel or Heat of Passion.”

5 thoughts on “Defense wants ‘Heat of Passion’

  1. Eugenia

    Outrageous request. The Defense had YEARS to prepare for this case. It not only met the criteria for murder, but first degree murder with premeditation, eligible for the death penalty. The time to raise this issue was before this issue went to trial, not years later. What next by the defense? An offer to plea guilty and be sentenced to time served! Outrageous! This unrepentant animal is going down, and she is going down on the first degree murder charge.
    She lost her place in society when she butchered an innocent man.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I am totally with you on this. It makes me so angry…to switch tactics this late is reprehensible! I am hoping the jury will see through all this and get it right.

  2. Theresa Vaughn

    I am getting so mad just listening to some of the defense lawyers on TV making excuses for Jodi. They behave as if Jodi’s word is the gospel truth. I can’t imagine why any intelligent human being would give any of her words a second thought. She has certainly hurt her case by her demeanor alone in the courtroom. Her cockiness by smirking , flipping the bird, etc… And nobody is going to convince me or other viewers that she was not flipping the bird. She is making a mockery of the whole legal system. One would never know she was being tried for murder. And the comments she has her big puppet tweet for her are laughable to say the least. She cuts everyone down but really she is referring to herself. Those were her fantasies not Travis’ He only played along for the sex, but god knows why he would even have sex with her because that area of her body is deformed, especially for a women who has never had children. SHE IS THE PEDOPHILE NOT HIM. If you look back at the tape Where Travis Mentions her as a 12-year-old, She actually started to giggle the first time they played it in court. She is clearly a sexual deviant. I think the court should have Questioned any children that she was around. She tweets about Juan having a temper, “little man syndrome” FB haters, etc. Well I would like to tell this evil,murdering PEDOPHILE that we are all laughing at her because Juan and the rest of us are out here enjoying our freedom and she is locked in a cage like the animal she is and she will likely never see the light of day again. The worst part for her is that she is going to HELL for eternity. There is NOTHING any of her supporters can do to save her. I also believe her 2 lawyers and 2 fake experts may be going with her for lying and dragging Travis’ name through the mud. I am waiting for justice. I think when she is convicted, we should have a big party for Juan outside the court house because he is the BIG MAN!!!

    1. edimminger Post author

      This trial makes me angry too! I think the pedophile lie backfired on her. I also think the sex tape proved she was the lead in sex…her ‘I like it, giggle, giggle” she was trying to sound like a 12 year old girl! And she did flip the bird- she said she was adjusting her glasses but they aren’t under her neck. And her over-sized puppet…well she wouldn’t give ‘her’ the time of day outside jail.


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