Arias trial 4/11-morning session

Re-Direct- LaViolette/Willmott


  1. Sexual humiliation (Travis as the victim). The ‘dildo with a heartbeat’ comment is just one in a long tirade and AL doesn’t base her conclusions on just one comment. Sixteen days before that Travis had phone sex and said he wanted to visit her. May 2 he sent a text about a photo shoot fantasy and was very graphic. Therefore he wasn’t humiliated.
  2. Interview with JM was in Mesa and AL didn’t bring all the boxes of info with her from Ca. The ‘shot in closet’ was in her notes but she now claims JA did not tell her this. It was not “…a big factor in determining domestic violence. AL was not interested in details of the murder and said: “…I made a mistake.”
  3. Matt and Bianca were still dating when JA went to see her. It was ‘not a hostile, angry confrontation’ and JA didn’t call/contact her after that.
  4. The cut finger from cutting apples was a second hand story and was told when JA was still lying about the killing.
  5. JA was not clear about where the knife was and ‘couldn’t remember after the attack at all.’
  6. JA wasn’t jealous as she was pursuing Ryan and others on LDS Link-up.
  7. JW brings up the abuser gets fearful when their partner is trying to leave and this is the most dangerous time. Travis did say in his journal that her moving away would be better for both of them. There was nothing about Travis fearing JA in his journals.
  8. ‘Proof” he was a pedo:

–       Sent her boys underwear (and mentioned in a text).

–       She was clean shaven (waxed) as he preferred.

–       He though pigtails were hot.

–       Had her dress as a schoolgirl.

–       Comment on sex tape about the 12 year old girl.

–       He liked ‘porking the pot of a little girl’ (??)

–       She caught him masturbating to pics of little boys.

  1. JA was with Matt for 2 years and Derryl for 4. They remained friends. She was close to Derryl’s son. JW: “Ever see them accuse her of being a liar?’ AL “No.”

10. Regarding stalking and Travis being in fear: It was just one statement and AL doesn’t rely on just one statement.

11. Travis’ truthfulness:

-Lied about his virginity to the church.

-Portrayed self as a virgin.

-Priesthood holder who didn’t follow the laws of the church.

-Lied to friends and family (re-virgin).

-Dated Lisa and JA at the same time.

-Abusive men hide there abuse from work and family. (So many don’t believe the person really did these things).

-Abuser will be rage-full to those closest to them.

-He had a lot to lose in business and with the Hughes’.

-JA was the only one who knew of his secret life.

      12.  JA’s truthfulness:

              -Lies started after the killing.

              -Lied about being there, then 2 intruders.

      JW: “Do those define her…”AL: “No, they don’t. If (she) was a really goon liar she would have planned a really good lie and she didn’t.”


Afternoon session-Jury questions and answers-

This will take me until later tonight to compile. I will post as soon as I am done.


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