Arias Trial 4/4

Alyce LaViolette/J. Wilmott – defense direct:

  1. Nurmi wants to sequester the jury (the jury is not in the room). He has a problem with Jodi’s parent’s police interviews and Jodi’s Journal. Also has a problem with HLN possibly video taping some of the jurors. Martinez- the jurors say they are not watching any media and will abide by the court’s instructions. The judge says she has asked each juror and they indicate they have not seen anything so she denies the request. Regarding motion for mistrial-Ms. Wong is apparently a witness for the Defense.
  2. AL takes the stand. Jury enters.
  3. Texts from March, 2008. Travis invites JA over and says to ‘make your self at home.’ Mentions Travis saying there’s a ‘stalker’ around to some women <Sidebar> AL says no evidence of any stalking activity. Late March texts- still a general relationship between them. Travis tells her to empty her voice mail as he can’t get through. <S> Travis communicating with ‘Krishell’ (sp)–graphically sexual- she was vulnerable. Journal (Travis’)- About JA moving to Yreka as good for both of them, he will miss her but wants to get married and move on. He needs more discipline. They argue through texts <S> he’s upset because she hung up on him (because he swore at her). She’s establishing a boundaries on this occasion.
  4. April 1-Text from Travis about how he will miss her. He’s apologetic and says she’s a fantastic person. Implying he feels he didn’t treat her right. Fourth violent incident- according to JA. Argument about her interest in 2 other men. He got angry, threw her down and choked her, she passed out. Life threatening- high on abuse scale. An escalation of the physical abuse. She says she started to defend herself but didn’t want to hurt him. Not unusual according to AL. JA minimizes the incidents- typical of abused women. April 7- texts-normal conversation which later turns into the long angry Text from Travis. (“Do not call/text me…”) He wanted the identity of the woman who came to her restaurant and told JA about Lisa. He threatens her – to tell others about all the crazy things she’s done. He was in a relationship with Lisa at the same time as JA .<S> They go into the ‘feel the wrath’ comment- abusive. Texts from the next day- she left a picture which he signed behind. He says she’s ruining his days. He asks her to stop before he seeks revenge. She is apologetic. He says he is trying to save his house. He says if he had done this to her she would cry for weeks. She is trying to calm him down. She tells him she loves him. April 8 he’s talking about JA and Deanna moving so easier to focus on marriage. (From his Journal). He misses Lisa and feels foolish for going after Mimi. April 19 Texts- He feels insulted by JA about his speaking ability. She tries to calm him down. She has physical distance but not a lot of emotional distance. <S> Next day he sends her a nice text about JA is one of the most beautiful <O> He is in a club and he compares her with other women-she’s beautiful inside and out.
  5. May-fights. He is the one ranting, she isn’t. JA accidently sends a text to him and he’s upset she’s communicating with another man. Even though they’re not in a relationship. AL- He’s jealous and insecure. He’s afraid of losing her. She’s apologetic. She still cares about him. They agree to stop talking about their intimate affairs with others. He says they should just stop talking. She wants him to stop ranting, but he keeps going…’Times are going to get tough for you.’ She’s ‘sorry’ and ‘loves him.’ He apologizes too. Conversation lasts more than 3 hours. Next day instant messages- about Wayne Dyer’s daughters teasing him about his temper. Travis talks about his temper <S> is far worse. JW reads the i-m to AL. Travis ‘if I could transmute that fury…” AL- Anger is huge energy and can be scary for them- hey need help. They are both acknowledging his anger. Later she talks about her self-esteem. She was the ‘innocent porn star’ who now feels bad about her self. He’s comparing her to 2 or 3 other women, and she has no sexual equivalent, that these other 2 were enjoyable, and a 3rd whom he didn’t get that far with. These women were before JA. Deception of his claim to being a virgin. Phone sex tape- indicates she still wasn’t fully separated from him. Journal (hers) May 22- The separation is good for them, Laws of Chastity- he gets upset. <S> Their physical relationship has to end. He wants to know who she’s seeing and if she’s ‘getting her kicks’ with someone else. She says she didn’t freak out when he was with Lisa. She tells him she hasn’t been with anyone else. (He’s jealous). She’s more assertive, but still attached. The abusive man has lost more power and so there is more rage. He has ‘undying love for Mimi’ and she’s ok with it. He apologizes. She talks about him positively. Sad that they are agreeing to part ways.

Lunch Break

1.  AL defines character assassination. More than verbal assault- assault on their character…much more harmful. May 26 text- a tirade from Travis to JA. Her ‘sick agenda’ a ‘pure whore’ and a ‘sociopath.’ She does not get angry. (6 hrs. long). Next- i-m’s-he continues with ‘character assassination’ and escalates it. She’s ‘rarely heard’ words like these strung together. (the i-ms last 16 pages). Give examples- ‘What a freaking whore’ <S> ‘corrupted carcass’ ‘going on to the next dick’ she’s a rotten lunatic’, ‘liar’, ‘3 hole wonder’, ‘worthless’, ‘he was a dildo with a heartbeat’…(My Live Stream Cut Out and I can’t find a new one!)

(OK…it’s back) <S>

2.  Talking about Travis suffering from severe verbal abuse as a child. AL- people learn from those who raise them. Need to get some mental health. Back to the i-m and JA referring to sex with Travis and how it made her feel more special. The more she complied the closer she felt. AL ‘men give love to get sex and women give sex to get love.’ Men and women judged differently- women get names like ‘slut’ where men are ‘studs.’ May 26…her journal- she talks about his tirade as ‘classic rude.’ She minimizes it. She talks about their pattern of getting into fights then making up. Says it is happening every few days. She compares Travis to her Dad in athleticism, republicans, rude then nice. May another journal entry about Ryan Burns and the Utah trip (her moving on). May 30- Has a plan for her trip. June 1 mentions seeing Matt and Derryl. She tells Travis about Utah and he’s ‘not thrilled.’ Didn’t want Travis to know about Ryan. Travis ‘gui;t’s her’ about coming to see him. She’s not going to see him. Travis is bothered by it but she reminds him he will be seeing her in CA. soon. Some texts between them- just conversation.

3. Communications between Travis and other women. AL- his ongoing deception. They happen late at night (most). Denise- <S> she is vulnerable. He flirts and makes sexual innuendos. Nicole- in a relationship. He is insulting her about the relationship and also flirts. Lisa- 10-11 years younger than him. She complained about his pushing sex. Deanna- still talking to. Krishell-Married- vulnerable –graphic sexual content. Regan-Flirting and asking for ‘close to naked’ pictures. He complains about an ex stalking him 3 days after he had phone sex with JA and after nice texts. She -Regan- was also vulnerable. Shatania-Vulnerable. Not LDS. Gave her the book of Mormon. Graphic sexual talk..having his head between her legs- something that occurred in the past. He was manipulative. He alluded to suicide because she wouldn’t come over. Eventually she stops contact. March lost Lisa, April lost JA (physically). Still missing Lisa. Maria- LDS. Sexual talk with her- sneaking her out of Grandma’s. He asks her how far they would go before they would have to see the Bishop- she doesn’t want to talk about it anymore. AL- He has a pattern of going for vulnerable women, pushes sexual boundaries. No long-term relationships, many over the internet, also joining PPL. He puts himself out there as a virgin. He has a problem with some women pulling away- desperation. <Afternoon Break>

4.  June 1st JA Journal- he’s ‘guilting’ her to come, later she does decide to visit him. AL begins to go through June 4th. Tying her hand to bed, take pictures. She showers, they look at CD’s-m it’s scratched, he’s upset…he bends her over and they have sex (to quell her anger). He wants shower pics- she drops camera- body slam, she runs and gets gun, he comes at her, she through gun wasn’t loaded and she shots and then doesn’t remember anything. AL was retained to see if there was DV in this case. How women cope with trauma- can repress/block memories, minimize, deny. Victims will detach from memories in part because painful and because they want to heal. With JA she was aware of her shame. Wrote and took pics of stuff she never thought would be seen. AL starts to talk about Travis’ escalating violence <S> he has the ability to be rage-full. Fear of partner leaving and powerlessness can turn to anger and rage.

Her opinion is that she was in an abusive relationship and is a battered woman. People are capable of an isolated act of aggression. Back to the Contiuum. JW asks her why she says JA is a battered woman. AL goes through the Continuum. And relates it to JA. Relationship didn’t start out abusive. Is this info all coming just from Jodi- AL: no- reviewed im’s text’s 48hrs, e-m’s, journals, exchanges between Travis and other women and JA. Being sexually intimate makes a difference. He never had issues with Lisa- they dated only 8 months and were’t intimate, no physical violence but sexual pressure and put downs. With Travis JA had a change in personality. Brewer says he saw her change. She maintained relationships with her exes. After Travis she was described as bi-polar (moody). She wasn’t depressed or suicidal before. Not described as a liar.

  1. AL sent her 4 books and a magazine subscription. “Do you have a memory proble?” AL: No I don’t . ..Feelings for JA…? No. Was JA ever aggressive or verbally abusive or controlling, jealousy- No”


  1. BA in 1969. MA 1980. Did not continue in her studies- no PHD AL: ‘but continued in studies’. No PHD means restrictions- no tests, can’t read tests, can’t score tests. DSM 4-She knows about it-psychotherapists also use. JM-No diagnosis of ‘Battered woman’ or ‘abused woman’.  AL: ”True”. What we have in this field in people like her with experience – clinical interviews- her sitting across from the person who may or may not be a victim-is ‘One of the things I use’. 44 hours was her clinical interview. –“yes”. Interview- are you talking-AL: ‘are you angry at me?’ Is that important to you? Does that make any difference…? Yes or no. It makes a difference how you speak to me. You perceive him as being angry does it have anything to do with your evaluation. <O> …No’
  2. Back to the interview- speaking to JA for 44 hours. …other interviews, and all the other stuff she looked at for an evaluation. Didn’t talk to anyone herself. Just read what someone else had written. No guide to tell when battered or abused- ‘That’s not correct’ (ex 558-contiuum) to tell in her opinion-‘ not the only thing “Do you want to spar with me…<S> She referred to it- Yes”. Questions about it and involving the defendant- “Not exactly’- I don’t relie on just this—as one piece of information. Journals-“I reviewed the Journals” Something in the Journal and how it relates to the continuum.  You indicated she never said anything negative-AL-“ I didn’t read anything negative.” You read other journals- Yes”. Nothing negative about the person she killed- no. Nothing negative about herself- She was paid $250? AL: ‘the standard fee.’ Anything negative about herself? AL: ”depressed, felt bad about herself.” From your reading with your memory what negative? Your reading- rightAL:  “yes, I did?” Anything negative? “I can’t tell you specifically” You need it in front of your face to read it right? AL: ”No”. Anything Negative?-AL: “not productive,  feels lousy about herself, not advanced in PPL, not forwarding her goals, I’m sure there are other things.” Giving us a positive view of the defendant as those aren’t that major? AL: ‘not that major.’
  3. Only conducted one interview JA- “Yes”. Then left with this roadmap-AL:” Isn’t this a guideline to take us to a post- a guideline you created ? AL: “Yes.” …and you can change it whenever you want? AL: “Yes”. She doesn’t even need to talk to anyone to reach her opinion. Snow White was a battered woman…AL”… If you show the entire you tube video.” That’s the title (AL because it was catchy). Gave a short form in Las Vegas. Also in LA in 2010 “An altered version.” One of the items used is her continuum “Not at all in speaking engagement.”
  4. Family of origin-of TA- AL:“Yes” Snow White had family of origin issues…AL:  ”for the perpetrator.” So you see him as the perpetrator? AL: ”Yes.” Use of Grimm’s Snow White fairy tale- AL: “I use the Walt Disney version” Father was King? AL: “yes.” He remarries? AL: “Yes” She’s less that savory with regard to Snow White – abuses Snow White- Father who has failed to protect? AL: “yes.” Snow White not treated correctly? AL: “She’s being abused “  Then she is out- then in the woods. The defendant suffered some abuse-AL: “yes.” Wicked stepmother was her Mom- and Father hit her? AL: “…Yes” One incident where he hit her and lost consciousness.  She did look at JA’s background. JA is sent out ‘into the woods.’ AL: “She chose to leave.” Why did she choose to leave? AL: “…abused and controlled.” She moves n with Bobby J. in less than ideal circumstances. S.W. lived in a shack- “I thought it was a cute cottage”. Other little kids to play with? No- cooking & cleaning? And singing…BJ was not working- providing money for food- “I don’t know what she said on the stand…yes she brought food in. Then the incident with the apple- her and BJ- “yes he choked her and verbally abused’ A violent act? Right? AL: “Correct.” She’s waiting for Prince Charming (unconscious).AL: “well unconscious.”   Then the Kiss right? AL: “Right” …and lives with Prince Charming- balance of power…AL: “she’s queen not sure …” Well he’s the King AL: “…yes more power.” She doesn’t have much power, right? <S> Power- King or Queen? AL:“not the content.” Even if it’s all made up you can still come to the opinion that the person on this fantastical world can be a victim of DV? AL: “That’s not what I say in my speech…not about Snow White being a battered woman.” Using your continuum and by reading this myth we can say Snow White was a battered woman” Judge-“” JM:…using Continuum and a myth we can determine Snow White was a battered woman? AL: “No…”
  5. Continuum—columns are not exclusive–….AL: “I don’t know about Snow White….not about child abuse.” Conference agenda dealt with adults? AL” yes it did.” Now you’re telling me I don’t want to talk about Snow White. AL: “No that’s not what I said.” Now you don’t want to talk about Snow White….AL: ”I didn’t talk about Snow White’s intimate relationship with the prince.“
  6. She “spoke to adults…about gender…in DV convention”. What you learn as children and bring into adulthood…like TA? “Correct”. Use as a victim of abuse (ex 558). Now disregard?  <O>
  7. (Wow—it’s nearly impossible for me to keep up with Martinez!)

Back Monday at 9:30.

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