Arias Trial 3/29


After speaking to each juror separately the court will rule that there was no misconduct on the part of the prosecution. Sources in court yesterday afternoon said the jury is still ‘intact’. This may have been a result of a paralegal (on the defense side) who watched HLN the night before and thought Jean Casares said she saw a juror watching the prosecutor signing autographs and taking pictures in front of the court with his fans. Jean was called to the stand and questioned by Nurmi and Martinez and said she had only suggested that she was ‘concerned’ that a juror might see the prosecutor with fans. Turns out it was a waste of time (except for Mr. Nurmi who gets $225.00 an hour). I have heard the Nurmi will still be bringing in pictures and video to push this issue.

Also to those who follow this blog- I am new to blogging and just realized that every time I edit you get another update.  One day I edited four times…oops. To avoid filling your e-mail with my blog I will try to only post once a day, and usually only when there is court, unless there is an update like today.  Thanks for understanding.

3 thoughts on “Arias Trial 3/29

  1. Frances Carlin

    Thanks for your updates. I`ve searched but other than your blog I can`t find any information regrading the court ruling there was no misconduct by the prosecution. Can you tell me where you got this information from? Thank you.


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