Arias Trial-3/28 summary

***The Defense is saying there is Prosecutorial Misconduct due to JM having pictures taken and signing autographs outside the courtroom.  He brings up Dr. Drew’s juror- Katie (who is in the court…Dr. Drew should be interesting tonight). JM says it is outside the court and therefore not misconduct. They are saying a juror saw JM with his fans. Jean Casarez has now been called to the stand. Nurmi is questioning her. The claim is she saw a juror watching JM and fans. Jean now says she DID NOT see a juror watching JM. Jean now says she meant she was concerned a juror might see that as she has seen a juror outside. She says she never saw JM with fans personally- just on video. JM asks her how many times she has seen him walk out the front doors…she says never.  Council approaches the bench. Jury comes in…


Dr. LaViolette/Jennifer Wilmott (defense)

  1. Back to the Continuum. It’s just a framework. Relationships don’t always fit ‘nicely’ into this framework.
  2. Do victims face scrutiny? Yes…media portrayals like ‘The Burning Bed’,  ‘Enough’ with popular actresses portrayed as saints and lesser-known male actors as purely evil. Doesn’t really fit. Not realistic. More judgemental on the woman- why didn’t she leave or if he got better why didn’t she go back.?<Sidebar> She found Probation officers and other groups have judged the victim more harshly than the Perpetrator. Victims feel judged.  
  3. THIS CASE: She reviewed paperwork. She didn’t immediately take the case.  Then she spent 8 hours with JA one day and a few more hours the next day.

<S> Then she took the case. Then sent more stuff…48hrs, journals, i-m’s, texts, e=m’s, interviews (20), 44 hrs with JA, Dr. Samuels and Dr.Demartes, Crime scene autopsy photos.

  1. She does not do testing. Just talks. Connects with the client, builds trust. Does this mean that you like them?  I find people interesting and very few are not likable. Cloud your judgment? No they tell me more.  Spends a lot of time investigating. 
  2. Did you ever give her anything? Sent 4 books, magazines. <S> Why? Because I think jail is boring and get her educational stuff for trial. She has done this in other cases. Not about helping herself (the Dr.). Any rules against this? No.
  3. JA’s family. <S> Based on interview she read. There was physical discipline- some went over the line, like leaving welts. Too strict, too harsh. Father was jealous and controlling and manipulative. He made statements about her weight, didn’t want Mom to be with sisters/family. He was inappropriate with Jodi…he screamed at a little boy she liked…said her boobs were too small-sexually inappropriate. She said JA learned about loyalty but also giving up things she loved for someone else. Stay through thick and thin even with abuse. Actions speak louder than words-we learn from observation. Issue with her Mom. Grandparents say JA is angry Mom didn’t protect her from Dad. When little sister and brother (11 years younger) were born the 2 older kids became invisible (when in teens-important).
  4. Relationship with JA and Travis. JA and Travis meet in Vegas. Went to Banquet- Travis borrowed a dress for her. Then JA sat in preferred seating with Travis. He pursued her. Told her he was Morman- she was impressed with the family values. There is a power difference. JA ends relationship with Darryl within a week. Travis is calling her. She meets Travis at the Hughe’s.
  5. Weekend at the Hughes. Travis ignores her at first. They watch videos. He sneaks into her room…kissing, oral sex. She was uncomfortable. Many women don’t know how to stand up for self and say no. Church the next morning. (JA is not a Mormon yet). Sees Travis a few days later at Starbucks, got the Book of Mormon. He says he’s horny, she performs oral on him in the car. He leaves. She’s vulnerable and her boundaries are ‘fluid’. Missionaries come to JA’s house.
  6. Erinburgh. (So they could meet half way). She thought it would be romantic but it was all about sex. But she stayed. Then they leave and he doesn’t call- she feels stupid and used. He finally calls and she is happy that he cares. It speaks to hope. Sex is a powerful way to connect.

10. JA is baptized within 2 months of meeting Travis…he baptizes her. It was important to her – spiritually and because Travis did it. He is a spiritual mentor. (Break). After they had anal sex. JA said anal and oral weren’t sinful. The conflict is she is in a sexual relationship, which she is not supposed to be, but her mentor says it’s ok. He leaves.

11. Surprise visit from Travis. Late at night. Jan. 2007.

12. E-mail from 1/7/2007. JA wants Travis to define the relationship, she is monogamous. <S> Seeds of jealousy. Travis says it’s okay to date. <S> She feels she shouldn’t go out. She doesn’t like to hurt others feelings.

13. E-mails- The Hughes’ to Travis. (1/2007). They were important to Travis. <S> First e-m is ‘you crossed the line’. The summary… <S> Travis has responded to the Hughes and they have indicated to advise JA to move on from the relationship…that Travis had been abusive to women <O> That is important. There were issues (with Travis) with women.  How Travis is treating Jodi. His prior treatment of other women. Info about his childhood and how it effects him now.  Ms. Hughes said she would forbid her sister to date Travis. Travis refused to look at his childhood and wouldn’t get counseling. Info about manipulating women, calling JA a ‘skank’ and acting like it was a joke, not allowing pictures of them to be posted. They called it abusive. <S> Does she consider any of this abusive? Within a context…it’s significant because these are people he values.

14. END

15. The judge tells the jury they want to speak to each of them. I assume this is to find out if any of them saw JM with fans outside the courtroom.

People- don’t get too worried about her getting in the ‘abuse’ claim, I am sure JM has it handled and will clear Travis’ name.

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