Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez – Day One

Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (day one)


Here is what I got from today for the prosecution:


  1. Double Standard:  It’s okay for Jodi to call her sister dumb but when Travis said something negative about her being like her mother she got angry with him.  (Also it shows she was and could get angry with her so-called abuser).
  2. Conflicting Behavior:  She cried on the stand when her “dumb sister” remark recording was played but sure didn’t when Juan said it today- it made her angry and defensive.
  3. Abused:  She has no problem standing up to Juan- even confronting him about “screaming” at her – this is unlike an abused woman.  It is also not like the meek, shy Jodi we have been seeing all along.
  4. Stalker:  She goes in and out of Travis’ house unannounced, and goes behind the house to watch through the windows.
  5. The Journal: No writing between Jan. 20-24 then on the 24th she writes something like “I haven’t written for a few days as there is nothing worth writing about” when the 21st was the supposed pedo event and the 22 the supposed attack that broke her finger.  Also she seems to have NO problem writing with a broken finger.  Not even a mention of “my finger hurts” while writing.  She also has no problem writing about fulfilling their (not just HIS) fantasies and how much she loves him but nothing like “we had a fight”.
  6. Finger pictures:  Shows a pic of her finger normal in May meaning it was not broken in Jan.  Also proves it was fine in May before the murder, but it sure was messed up the day of the murder (as Ryan testified) and shown to the detective as well.
  7. Starbucks:  She lied when she said she remembers what she gets at Starbucks because she always gets the same thing…I know if you check her earlier testimony she has gotten Lattes for her and Travis and at least 1 other flavor.
  8. Texts:  Proved she did not even see Travis on Jan 21 (the pedo event) nor did he call her begging to talk to her.  Her text wanted to talk to him and he said “no”.  Their conversations via text were all just normal stuff about trading cars.  No “We need to talk”  re: the pedo event.  Also he mentioned a deposit she thanked him for, so he was helping her with money, not the other way around as she claimed.  I am also pretty sure she claimed she went over that night and they had sex, but he texted her he would see her tomorrow to trade cars.
  9. Psycho behavior:  Driving 1 ½ hours to confront a girl you have never met.

10. Magazines:  She tried to get a witness to lie for her (I believe to prove he was a pedo) which proves she made it all up.

11. Memory Loss:  Whenever it suits her story.

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