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Juror 6 Speaks

Juror 6 was the juror who mouthed the words ‘I’m sorry’ to Travis’ family. She sat down with Chris Williams of azcentral in an exclusive interview. Here’s some of what she had to say:

“How did I vote? with a lot of pain and angst, for the Death Penalty.” When asked if it as an easy decision she said: “Absolutely not. When you watch TV you have additional information…we don’t have; not privy to that information, we only heard what was in the confines of the courtroom.” She was surprised at the world wide attention this case has garnered.

When asked if she thought Jodi was a monster she said: “Not a monster-a lot of concern (with) very untruthful, very manipulative.” She also said she was on the stand “An awful long time. There were some benefits- the ability to watch body language and how they phrase things.”

Chris then asked: “When you look at Jodi what do you see?” Her answer: ” A very sad, sad girl. She concerns me because I think she’s very manipulative. I personally feel sorry for her. I’d like to know why… I don’t think we’ll ever know why.”

Chris went on to mention that the jurors agreed not to tell who voted which way. they can reveal their own vote if they want to. It was said that it did not break down gender lines and that the jurors worked well together. This is just the first part of the interview, more to come.

Link: http://www.azcentral.com/12news/