Sochi Problems

ImageWater at one Sochi hotel. Stacy St. Clair tweeted that they told her not to use the water on her face as it contained something very dangerous. She said she then used Evian to wash her face and felt like a Kardashian.


I have always thought it would be amazing to actually attend the Winter Olympics. After reading some tweets at: #SochiProblems I am glad I can’t make it this time. Many are finding some very disturbing things, like missing floors, bad water (so bad they tell you it cannot be used on your face or body) and unfinished hotels (CNN booked 11 rooms and when they got there only 1 was ready). Construction seems to have been rushed, resulting in one 58 year old woman losing her home as construction fell on it. I have seen pictures of missing floors, unfinished venues and open manholes (watch your step!) For me the most disturbing thing is they are rounding up stray dogs and killing them. Apparently strays are common in Russia and fed by many, but they are concerned about the impression they might make so they have to go. A serious issue for some of the athletes is some of the jumps are too steep, resulting in one pro-snowboarder breaking his collarbone in practice. USA boarder Shaun White has shown concern and a European snowboarder has decided to skip these Olympics. The terrorist threat is also an issue, although it is at every Olympic event, however with the incompetence so far I am worried for all attending. Following are a couple of articles, and if you want more go to Twitter: #SochiProblems


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