Arias Update


Judge Stephens finally made some rulings- all of which I am unhappy with. She has eliminated live feeds which I used to base all my summaries on during the trial. She also said no to twitter during the trial so I can’t update that way either. The good news- she can’t fire Nurmi and the trial will stay in Phoenix. She has still not ruled on the re-trial of the penalty phase date. I’m guessing next year some time, if it even happens. Here’s a a link to the article:

5 thoughts on “Arias Update

  1. Susan David

    I can’t believe there’s noooooooooo cameras allowed in…..pisses me off….i guess the slaughterer is special….psycho

    1. edimminger Post author

      I think Arias loved the cameras. Maybe judge Stephens is tired of all the media attention. Either way I am screwed as now I can’t see the trial. Doesn’t seem right as we saw the original trial.


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