Baby Elaina – Now A Homicide?




Today Stephen King, the boyfriend of Elaina’s Mom, pleaded not guilty to charges of obstructing the police investigation of this case. Yesterday when the Mom, Angela Steinfurth appeared in court also for obstructing justice, we heard for the first time that the case is being investigated as a homicide. The family is still holding out hope that the baby is alive. Links for both articles below:

Today’s hearing (Stephen King):

Yesterday’s hearing (Angela Steinfurth):

5 thoughts on “Baby Elaina – Now A Homicide?

  1. Pam

    One of the people in that house hurt that baby and the rest are covering it up. Everyone in that house that night should be in jail.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I heard the night before she went missing the Mom and boyfriend took a 20 minute drive in their van at about midnight. That is when I believe they tossed her into the river.

      1. Pam

        Omg I thought this blog disappeared. It’s been months since one has shown up in my box. Even though it’s dated August

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