Arias Death Penalty Stands



Today Judge Stephens denied the motion to toss the Death Penalty in the Arias murder case. Remember the defense had a problem with the language ‘especially cruel?’ Well, it didn’t work. We are now waiting on the August 26th hearing to set a start date for the penalty phase of the trial. Arias has already been convicted of first degree murder in the brutal killing of Travis Alexander. That jury was unable to reach a verdict on her penalty. In the following link (article from Arizona paper) they mention the judge wants to begin the Penalty Phase in September. I hope she sticks to it!


Thanks to @WitchyTweets (on twitter) for the heads up and the link!

76 thoughts on “Arias Death Penalty Stands

      1. Pam

        Will they ever quit? They say they want out but the lawyers never stop.. When she said ” kill me thats what I want” she thought everyone would say ” Oh she’s so brave so don’t kill our hero” blah, make me sick….I;d settle for life with the condition they sew her mouth shut. dumb bitch

    1. ldlpllpenny

      Dee don’t dance to soon. Between her and defense team you never know what will happen and judge Sherry is way to easy on this case. This is judges first murder case. Should have already been done, over and needle in Jodi’s arm.

  1. ldlpllpenny

    We can saw Hodi’s tongue off. Then she won’t get to lead her own trial. I say pole and razor blades and twist every 15 minutes. And with no tongue she can’t call for the gaurds.

  2. Daisy

    Notice how many books she claims she read? Bet she cram those in quick just to show court/jury she’s doing something she said she was going to do from last speech to jury. lolololololol bet she still got a clue what messages books may contain. Wouldn’t be shocked if she didn’t read them herself!! Probably manipulated some poor inmate to read and report to her like a book report club!!!

    1. Pam

      She will be laying down with the needle in her arm and still trying yo manipulate the system. She’ll be wearing one of her survivor T-shirt lol

      1. Pam

        I wonder how they are going to let her dress this time around??? She’s a convicted felon and murderer now. She should have to wear prison clothes.

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Will get wrinkles but Arias will get botox as her medical is free to her. When our hair is grey wonder if the give her color to put in her hair?

      3. ldlpllpenny

        Bond or brown it all cost the same. Maybe she would be better off going blond then she could say she was ” just a dumb blond and didn’t know what she was doing. “

      4. ldlpllpenny

        Hey give me some credit. I have never written death threats to anyone and I only want A.L.’s mouth taped. Don’t want to roll her down the hill – well if it would knock some sense into her might change my mind about hill. She is destroying so many people that have been abused by her crack pot ideas.

      5. ldlpllpenny

        Podes are gone but we have 2 houses for sale and there empty and sit on a hill. I don’t feel one bet sorry for A.V. She did all of this for money and a few days of fame. She has made a mockery of abuse.

      6. ldlpllpenny

        Pam why does Daisy scare you? I’m the one with all the chains, whips, razors and pole. Daisy is a nice girl. Think these trials are making me evil. LOL

      7. ldlpllpenny

        What a bunch of chickens. LMAO It is just the trials that brings this out in me. Don’t forget I have 12 kids and their all alive and well. Don’t ever think there weren’t times I wanted to wring their little necks but I didn’t.

      8. Pam

        I admit if you let 12 kids survive you got to be cool lol You know what else is really pissing me off? These damn Kardashians. I hate that Kris. She is such a selfish nasty bitch. She has treated Bruce Jenner, his boys and his elderly mother like shit for yrs. I would like to borrow Pennys, razors, knives and whatever else she has or put her in with Hodie Hole. I am still furious that on the last show Bruce had to make his mother who is like 86 yrs old mother kiss Kris’s ass. Kris ignored his mom for all the yrs they have been married and blamed it on his mom just like she ignored his sons and said on a show like 3 weeks ago ” Oh I tried to get you guys to go on vacations before with us but you never called me back” when they told her she never called she said ‘Oh I must have had the wrong number HUH????? how do you have the wrong # to your growing step children while they are growing up. Never once took his kids on a family vacation with their dad. When the show started showing what a complete asshole she was for about 3 weeks straight all of a sudden everything stopped and all of a sudden it was a Kris was wonderful fest. Everybody must have got the word “either make nice with Kris or your off the show” a lot more happened grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr She made Bruce and their and daughters move out of their house into a beach house so Kanye and Kim could move into their house with their baby. Bruce wanted to know why 3 people had to move out so 2 people could take over his home? Then she told the two girls to tell Bruce it was their idea. So Kanye, Kim and Mommy and baby live at the jenner house now..what a nasty bitch. all done my rant!!!!!!

      9. ldlpllpenny

        I have never watched the Kardshians as I can’t stand any of them. Don’t get to upset. I’m thinking 10% may be true but the other 90% is to get the ratings like most reality shows.

      10. Pam

        It wasn’t for ratings. I wish it had been. Everything Bruce’s family was saying stopped like a brick wall was slammed in their faces. I guess I feel bad because he was an Olympic champ and is treated bad and without respect on TV and is to nice to stop it. I watch it because I think its funny. I mostly watch re-runs. It caught my attention when Bruce’s two grown sons were saying some bad shit about Kris. I was shocked they let them say it. I don’t believe Kris approved it. I believe she had a fit and stopped it from happening again. It made her look bad on national TV. Thats why the following week Bruce’s 86 yr old mom apologized to Kris for not being understanding to her . You had to see the 3 shows to know what I’m talking about. The real Kris Jenner was shown for all to see. She is all for her and her daughters, mostly Kim. She is money hungry, she has a drinking problem big time, she loves the camera its all about Kris. Nasty selfish woman.

      11. ldlpllpenny

        I don’t need the Kardashians to make me drink the trials are all ready doing that for me. Think one of my kids may get the AA Big Book and give it to me. LOL

      12. Pam

        Yeah..thats what got me stuck on the show. I picked up on what was really going on. She put the poor man down again on the last show because he was teasing Jimmy Fallon when he made a guest appearance on his show. She said Bruce embarrassed her because he talked to much but her daughters stuck up for him and said she was wrong that he was funny. I was so glad they finally stuck up for him. They told Kris they were glad herwas finally getting his balls back. I was so surprised. I didn’t mean to bring it up on here..I just hate to see people have their feelings hurt.

      13. Pam

        She doesn’t have a lazy crotch lol Maybe she should sit on her head and put the glasses on her ass… “whispering” sometimes she scares me too!” lmao

      14. Pam

        I am so disgusted…… I told you earlier about trying Dr. Drew and seeing her again. Well I still have been going on HLN on the computer reading up on the cases. I went in a little while ago and when it came up guess what??? A huge picture of Ms Ali. Is no place safe???????

      15. ldlpllpenny

        Not from her ugly face. Still want her to clean my house but she has bigger and better things to do by putting down the white people. Think she ever saw a whip?????

      16. Pam

        Ms Ali is just looking for a reason to be a racist asswipe. PTSD because of slavery and DR. Drew said he understood. I go into stun everytime I remember that. ok I have emotional stress because my great grandmothers griddle was to tight.oh yeah and and my grandmother use to flip her false teeth out at me and click them of my..what shall I do….stupid..look at her color..she has probably only got 10% black in her know from that 1 slave that was half white she got the PTSD from lol

      17. ldlpllpenny

        What color do you think her asswipes will be black or white. Sure it will be white as she would love to wipe her ass on that color. Hope she takes that thing off her head before she does it. Don’t care for Dr Drew much but like most of his panel. Think Dr Drew should tell her to shut up and live in todays world but he doesn’t have the balls. Jenny on his panel bugs me also. She always looks so shocked about everything.

      18. ldlpllpenny

        I’m sure she will have to wear the stripes. But you can bet her hair will be in a bun and she’ll have her fake glasses on. Just wonder if they will bring her makeup like she got before her interviews.

    2. ldlpllpenny

      Jody’s book that Jayne from HLN wrote came out on Amazon yesterday. Maybe Jody will come in the courtroom reading that book. She does have a foggy mind so she just might want to catch up on her life. We shall see Mon.

    1. Pam

      I thought……gee I think I have been a jerk long enough..Its time to check out Dr. Drew again……………………………..I turn on the channel Fri. night..guess what I see??? and hear????
      Ms. Ali and she is making excuses for a black person killing a white person saying “oh it doesn’t happen that often ..Its more whites against blacks.” Everyone is pissed but again Dr. Phil is kissing her ass. Time to change the channel. Is she now a regular. ??? What is wrong with him? She is a racist. I could see it if she was just giving an opinion about a subject here and there but the woman hates every single white person breathing,,even him. She uses him to get on his show. She sits back with that hateful grin on her face that gives me the chills.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I saw some of it but had to turn the channel. I swear she is such a bigot. Now we need to get the whips out. Her fault she said black always got whipped.

  3. ldlpllpenny

    Ms Ali who is so for the whites killing blacks needs to look up Christopher Newson or Channon Christian. Murder and torture. Very sad case yet was never blogged about, seen on HLN nor any marches. Where are any people of any race not protesting the 4 black men that got caught? Because it was 2 white people that had their short life taken away and Ms. Ali is not concerned about that!!!!!!!!!!!!


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