Brett Seacat Sentenced


Today the judge in the Brett Seacat trial sentenced him to 31 years and 3 months for the murder of his wife, Vashti. Seacat had a few things to say:

He blamed Vashti’s father for her ‘suicide.’

“You are going to hell for what you have done in this case.” (To the judge).

“I will step aside and let you have your day, you purchased it with your soul.” (To judge).

The judge responded:

“You live in some bizarre alternate reality.”

“You didn’t even show remorse that Vashti is no longer n this earth.”

“I don’t intend to show any mercy; you didn’t show Vashti any mercy.”

When the house was burning down around her body (set by Brett) he did manage to get the two young boys (and himself) out alive.


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15 thoughts on “Brett Seacat Sentenced

      1. ldlpllpenny

        If they used the DP we maybe would see less. Most know they will get out at some time or they will go into general pop.They get all the free medical, can watch TV, play cards and meals are madefor them. More then some of are able to do.

      2. edimminger Post author

        There are some days when I think I should just rob a bank so I can go to jail and be taken care of. No more work, no more washing dishes, no more medical and car insurance…just lay around and read.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        Cop or not he thought he was smarter then everyone else. Even I could have made up a better story then that. He was so transparent it was crazy.

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