Ariel Castro Sentenced



Ariel Castro was sentenced today for the kidnapping and rape (amongst other things) of Michelle Knight, Gina DeJesus and Amanda Berry. He was given life without parole for the murder of a fetus – to which he responded: “I am not a murderer, I did not kill anybody.” The judge then confirmed that he pleaded guilty to that charge. 

Michelle Knight was the only victim to address the court. She said “I have spent 11 years in hell. Your hell is just beginning.” The judge said Castro will exit the jail in a ‘nailed box or an ash can.’

For more on the story here is a link:

3 thoughts on “Ariel Castro Sentenced

  1. ldlpllpenny

    Other inmates hate child molesters. He will have to be kept in a one man cell. That is way more then he deserves. To bad he could not get the DP but of course he would die of old age before the needle was stuck in his arm.

  2. Daisy

    He’s not sick! He’s demented!!! I was hoping judge would’ve sentenced him accordingly, DP instead of life. What I loved though, is how Prosecutors and Judge covered every little loop hole for possible or mistakenly release in future!! Great job! Those deserve soooo much more from his ass!!! He didn’t care about no one but himself and as emotional he claims he was, he only shed tears when mentioning his 6 year old daughter!! What about rest of his children?????? I actually saw malice; hatred and disgust in his eyes when he saw Ms. Knight!! He was evil looking!! Eyes don’t lie!!


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