Arrest In Baby Elaina Case

From Anqi Gonzalez, reporter, (link to full story below):

Just 2 days before the mother of a missing East Toledo toddler is scheduled to appear in court, her ex-boyfriend has also been arrested and charged with obstructing justice in the case.

Steven King was taken into custody on Monday and told reporters,  “You guys will see when I’m innocent.  That’s all I’ve got to say to you.”


84 thoughts on “Arrest In Baby Elaina Case

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I heard last night they are dropping murder charges against Steinfurth but she has other charges against her. News said that because the boyfriend was found insane he can’t be used as a witness.

      1. ldlpllpenny

        I’m sure both mother and King know but won’t open their mouths. Probably both be let out and the bay won’t be found. What a shame!

      1. Pam

        Well thanks for replying but No I didn’t receive any replies. The blog just went quiet on my end. I had no clue what happened.. I thought I said or did something offensive, I wasn’t sure what happened. Maybe it was a giltch on the blog site..Nice to hear from you all

      2. edimminger Post author

        I’m asking you which ones, I am interested in what my readers would like me to blog about. I can’t do all trials, but like to follow a few.

      3. Pam

        gettting ready to put my finger down my throat to. Because it seems to be another Hoddie in hiding,

      4. ldlpllpenny

        I have been watching a little of the Big Josh Little Josh trial. Will have to say I feel sorry for the son. System let him down. I am still wondering what happened to baby Elaina? The trial that Jaun M is going to start should be good.

      5. Pam

        I don’t mean to change the subject but did you see that monster make his statement today? He kidnapped 3 young teenaged girls for 9 to 11 yrs..raped abused..tortured them and had the nerve to say they asked him for sex and that his home was filled with harmony. He had to gull to say he had the right to see his young 6 yr old daughter from rape. Omg I was in shock listening to him. Did anyone else listen today?????

      6. ldlpllpenny

        Yes Pam I did see it. Infact my daughter is watching it right now. Can you imagine what will happen to him if he gets into general population. Those prisoners hat child molesters. Hope he gets raped over and over then dies a slow death with lots of torture.

      7. Pam

        I hope they gang bang him till he drops that son of a sea cook sailor.grrrrrrrrrrrrr That would have been a trial for ua to follow. But I’m glad the girls didn’t have to suffer through it

      8. ldlpllpenny

        Pam I thought of something better. Get a piece of steel glue razorblades on it tie their hands so they can’t move then stick up where the sun don’t shine. Let them see what it is like to have that kind of pain that they inflicted on their victims. Never had thoughts like this until I started watching all these horrendous trials. Seems like things are getting so much worse.

      9. ldlpllpenny

        What do you mean YIKES????? I know a few that should have that done. Jodi being one. WOW I will make a great juror if no one has seen my blogs.

      10. Pam

        Quick change of sugject>>> Did you guys hear about the crap Seacat said to the Judge and his dead wifes family today in court? Said nasty stuff about her family and accused the judge of all kinds of things likes holding back evidence that could have freed him etc, JUST WANTED TO FILL YOU IN. Damn that button!

      11. ldlpllpenny

        I saw Seacrap opps I mean Seacat. I thought it was funny. Like he really thought that would get him somewhere. Why not DP though? Is Texas the only state that isn’t afraid to use it?

      12. Pam

        I’m probably going to be to old to sit here and type by the time Hodi gets her final sentence.

      13. Pam

        Can you imagine what tight buds we would make if we hung together.. We be the kool kids in the school yard lmao. More razors in the butt yeah! lol

      14. ldlpllpenny

        To bad we live so far away from each other. We could really have some fun. By the way pods are still across the street. Thought if we torched each of these nasty people then put them in the pod it goes to storage so would be a while before bodies are found. We need to save the razores for the pervs. I did invite Daisy. She hasn’t responded. Do you think I scared her away? LOL

      15. Pam

        Grrrrrrrr damn button!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      16. Pam

        I’M SORRY BUT i THINK LTTLE jOSH WOULD DO ANYTHING HE COULD TO IMPRESS OR MAKE IS DAD HAPPY? i AM UP IN THE AIR ABOUT HIS QUILT. OOps hit caps button by mistake didn’t mean to shout…hate that damn button.

    1. Pam

      Yeah it is me. Thanks for asking. I have been a little sick which has made me a little cranky but am better now. How are you all doing.? I didn’t hear anything from the blog in along time. That one night we all kept writing back left and right for hours was great then everything went dead the next day. I had no clue what happened. I waited a day or two then tried to contact you guys to find out where everyone went but no answer. I waited awhile and tried again. Then when I heard the other day was the first time since out of the blue. I thought I was taken off the blog. 🙂

      1. edimminger Post author

        I wrote 4 replies to you that =day- you didn’t get any? I wonder what the heck happened?!! I am so sorry you are not well. I get really nasty when I am sick. My family avoids me!

    1. Pam

      No hon I didn’t get any replies. I haven’t seen much TV lately. I have been reading a lot I know a few authors and I wrote a couple reviews for their books. I was so proud they asked to do it. Its not a paying thing. Its just out of my real liking for their books. I am going to read that link and catch up on the case. 🙂

      1. Pam

        Thanks but I don’t want you to think its anything special. These are for Amazon and Goodreads. Not for any national magazine. lol. I wish lol but thanks

      2. ldlpllpenny

        Doesn’t have to be for a national magazine to be special. Nice just to be ask. Yes, I do want that trial to start again. Jodi still has someone blogging for her. Put the needle in and get it done.

      3. ldlpllpenny

        She is in 23hrs a day lock down but she has 1hr out and I am guessing she can use the phone. Some of the blogs I’m on think it might be the new guy that was sitting with her family the last day or two of court or maybe Donovan still. Jodi has her ways. Could be one of the gaurds she is using who knows. Put nothing past her.

      4. Pam

        She has to have brrn quiet now though that has to have helped the family get a break.. much needed rest before the next round,

      5. edimminger Post author

        Sniederman starts Monday. I am waiting (impatiently) for Arias case to finish. Also like the Pistorius case- the “blade runner’ who shot his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom. He said he thought she was a burglar!!!

    2. edimminger Post author

      Lol! I just asked you! I am interested in feedback from followers- If an interesting case comes up to let me know. I am currently watching Sneiderman (opening statements begin Monday). An Arias, of course…also like the ‘blade runner’ – Pistorius case where he ‘accidentally’ shot his girlfriend while she was in the bathroom. He thought it was a burglar (in the bathroom???!!!)

      1. Pam

        I wrote this really long reply then hit the wrong button lol will be back to start again later grrrrrrrrrrr

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