Jurors Back In Court

Both Tara Kelley and Marilou Allen said on the Dr. Drew show tonight that they will be in court for Thursday’s hearing. They both said they are ‘still invested’ and want to ‘see this through.’ Tara was an alternate but Marilou was in on the deliberations. Marilou said the jury went into deliberations (on the Murder 1 charge) without preconceived notions and debated the felony and the premeditation aspects of the case. She also mentioned the ‘sheer brutality of the murder, underscored by Dr. Horn’s testimony.’ When asked about the defense’s asking for a delay Tara said it was ‘ridiculous.’

Both women are still approached by friends and people in the community to talk about the case. They are slowly getting back to their lives.

The hearing this Thursday (8:30 AZ time) should address the delay request. It will not be live streamed but the pool and still cameras will be there.

6 thoughts on “Jurors Back In Court

  1. Pam

    I was just watching it. I can see how they feel. They invested alot of time. I guess we will find out soon.

  2. Jane

    Just thought the Big Announcement was really going to be something BIG. Just another way to drag us (me) into watching Dr. Drew. I was disappointed to say the least.

  3. cherricatplayer

    The younger juror I can’t think of her name right now said that when JA saw her she gave her a nasty look , I saw that clip and she really did but what struck me was she JA is a dumba$$ she got herself into this by her own hatefulness and by just being evil and when she is held accountable for her actions she gives the juror the nasty look. CRAZY!!!!!


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