Jodi’s Not Crazy

According to Wild About Trial’s Brian Skoloff, Maricopa’s County attorney, Bill Montgomery said that Arias is competent to stand trial and any statement that she isn’t fit for the proceedings “is simply inaccurate.” This is in response to an earlier statement from her defense attorneys that she was mentally ill. (See a previous post). At a news conference today he also said: “We’re continuing to prepare for a retrial.” Apparently both the prosecutor, Juan Martinez and the Alexander family want to pursue the death penalty. A status conference is scheduled for June 20. The retrial date for the start of the penalty phase is scheduled for July 18.

375 thoughts on “Jodi’s Not Crazy

      1. Daisy

        I just heard same as Penny. Next Thursday will be a hearing to determine date of trial. THIS IS SO MUCH B.S.!!! Defense attorneys should’ve mentioned all their excuses about needing another date due to their “full” schedules (vacations; etc). They’re really trying to delay cause all their defending requests didn’t pan out (ie mentally ill; etc). DP going to stay on table afterall!! And they said they were worried about unnecessary expenses State has to shoulder????? What’d you think delaying would do???? They’re liars too!!!

      2. Penny

        Also has to do with finding more people to get up on that stand for her. They also hope to get that whacky abuse woman up there again. Right now she is afraid because of death threats she has received. Their buying TIME.

      3. Daisy

        Requested but not granted yet. Whether to change date of retrial or not will be determined at a hearing next Thursday.

      4. Pam

        Her defense team proved what low lifes they were during the trial. Nothing they do or say would surprise me.

      5. Daisy

        How very true!! I just think they know it’s a lost cause but they still going to try anything to prove they really worked on this case so people could say they’re worth every penny AZ has to pay them. I wonder if they’re still getting paid during this waiting period or if they’ll still get paid if retrial’s delayed till next year???? That’ll be the misjustice of all!!

  1. K

    This was laughable. DeMarte carefully diagnosed Borderline Disorder because it’s NOT crazy. It’s not a defense. Crazy is, I hear Elvis in my head and the feds watch me through my tv. Borderline is not that.

      1. Pam

        The whole AZ thing makes me nuts. First they find her guilty of 1st degree murder in a death penalty case. Then they find her guilty of cruel and unusual murder.. as far as I am concerned that should be the end. How many steps are there? Oh gee after this new jury finds the death penalty we get another jury to make sure what size needle….. blah blah blah and on and on….

      2. Penny

        LMAO! I didn’t think about the size of the needle. Wonder how they are going to find a juror that hasn’t heard about this case? This case can go on for yrs.

      3. Pam

        Can you imagine Nancy Grace with gray hair bun and false teeth clacking……..Bombshell Tonight!!!! Jodi Arias finally gets DEATH!!! and she falls over dead at 92. Flashing over to Dr. Drew’s behaviour bureau and they are looking perplexed … Looking around going “Whos’s Jodi Arias”????

      4. Pam

        Just another one of their delay tactics to see what more crap they can come up with..Oh here we go Matt’s going to finally show up and say
        ” Yeah I saw the can’t kill the lying bitch”.
        Wonder how she’ll get the message out this time? Will the parents sell the house to pay him off? Sick of it! I’m disgusted. Can you tell?

      5. Penny

        I’m not only disgusted I am SICK to my STOMACH! Hopefully judge will not let them CX court date 7/18/13 if she does something is wrong with her and the system!

      6. Daisy

        Don’t blame you for being sick of it all!! Next Thursday they’re suppose to have a hearing about the changing of retrial date. As of today, it’s still on for the 18th of July.

      7. Penny

        Daisy Love the comment about taping JA’S mouth but you know she would find a way to talk. Don’t know how Travis took her for so long. She is making me CRAZY!

      8. Pam

        Taping wouldn’t do any good. My friend use to say ” She talks out of her ass because her mouth knows better”

      9. Daisy

        Glad you smiling/laughing!! What’d you all say we follow with that Ohio woman Amy’s disappearance of her son, Levon (18 mos old)??? I’m so scared it might be another Casey Anthony situation it’s sickening!!

      10. Pam

        I just heard something about that. Is that the one where the grandmother called because the father didn’t say the child was missing for 2 weeks? I haven’t seen a lot of TV lately

      11. Daisy

        yes, that’s the one. I’m quite confused myself. They’re saying the mother was in rehab. Then she was arrested. Now they’re saying the father finally reported the child missing, for past 2 weeks, after his mother pushed him to call. When child’s mother pleaded on TV for the return or info of child, shocked me at the end of statement she said, “….so I can put to rest….”! She sounded like child’s already dead!!! Father just admitted putting child on door step of house cause door was locked and he couldn’t get in so he went to side of house and when he returned to the front, son was gone. Fishy???

      12. Pam

        I also heard Nancy Grace having a fit over the mother talking about needing to put makeup on. I think thats what she said. I’m going to look around and see if there are any links we can bring over.. I’m not sure how to do it but I’ll try.

      13. Daisy

        thanks. By the way, you were right, it was the grandma who finally reported it w/son and Levon, the child, is 8 mos old.

      14. K

        I think this is worse than the CA case, in that Jodi CONFESSED. CA was guilty and killing your child is disgusting, but she never admitted it. There’s no shadow of a doubt here, nada. I can see how CA jurors got tangled up in maybes and maybe nots, (although I would not have, she was guilty), but here you just have a ridiculous POS liar trying to besmirch her victim to make us sympathize.

      15. Penny

        K I agree. Hope the day comes that she gets hers! Can’t understand why her parent didn’t stop her mouth. If my husband was ever accused of getting sexual with one of our kids I would be the first one shouting NO HE DIDN’T if I knew it wasn’t true. Then there is the OJ case. At least he is in jail not for killing his wife which is what he should be there for. Where is justice??????? Isn’t any jury seeing what we see?

      16. Pam

        Ok, here is where we are going to have to agree to disagree. I cannot conceive how intelligent people could let that murderous bitch walk free. There was no confusion as far as I could see.
        1. She lied over and over again about dropping her child off at the nanny’s
        2. She didn’t even report her child missing.
        3. Her mom had to do it when she found out Cassie didn’t have her.
        4. Oh and this one is good…I ran out of gas and oh yeah while I left it there it kinda got a death smell in it. ‘ maybe its rotted pizza??? You never forget that smell. I have smelled it.
        5. She lead the cops on a merry goose chase.
        6.The baby was found in Cassie’s old playing grounds when she was a child. Who knew about that but Cassie?
        9. They showed her partying over and over again when the baby was missing.
        10. They showed her in stores with guys renting movies and buying snacks on surveilance video’s. These were when she didn’t know where her prescious child was. Who acts like that when they can’t find their child for 30 days. That jury should be ashamed of themselves. There are still dozens of things I’m not putting in here that points at her.

        Then that sleeze ball of a lawyer throws out that ONE disgusting accusation about her dad in opening statement.. Then accusing the poor man of letting the baby drown. Scape goat anyone??? I am still amazed that lawyers are allowed to state such bald lies in court with no proof and not get sued for it.

      17. K

        Pam I agree with you, I mean the only difference in trials is that Jodi confessed. I woulda looked at CA’s case evidence and bs defense and definitely voted guilty. But it’s like OJ, the one thing they had going for them was denial denial denial. Jodi didn’t even try to deny it anymore, she just refused to remember the stabbing and tried that self defense/ptsd/child molester bs. In her case, it’s like, wtf jury, she admits to it! It was a total slap in the face to common sense people.

      18. Daisy

        K: That’s why they’re messing with us ‘common sense” people!! If common sense took over, maybe there’ll be less crime, right? Then governmental agencies wouldn’t need so many sub-agencies and more sub-contracted agencies for one department!!

      19. Daisy


        Let me tell you a true story. A man, JY, was arrested for murder I. Weapon, blood evidence; clothes; eye-witnesses; etc were found. One of his friends was with him when this incident occurred. He was also arrested and his statements made, while being interrogated, proved JY killed the victim. JY was sure to be found guilty for not murder I but possibly murder II or manslaughter. Slam dunk, right? Well, after a lot of scheming with JY’s attorneys, wife’s testimony was thrown out because of spousal privileges and friend’s testified on the stand after requesting for immunity, that he was under duress when he made statement and it was he who committed the act. Guess what? Jury found JY “not guilty”. After JY was released and having been acquitted, he shouts, “…hahaha I did it and there’s nothing anyone can do about it…” (double jeopardy). The friend? He walked out with JY cause he got the “immunity” (meaning whatever he says on the stand can not be held against him; can’t charge him for crime).

        I know this is factual and believe me, what’s black and white to everyone’s eyes can be colored by the time the attorney’s are done in court. So, what’d you think?

      20. Pam

        I forgot to add something to a post I wrote about Casy….. Jodie and the Peterson boys…..I wish they would throw Casy’s jury in there with them..ok done venting.

      21. Pam

        She did to many things to remember……. she is a total waste of space and air…. At least Travis was a grown man and had some decision in getting into this mess but that poor baby couldn’t pick her psyco mother. I would like to see Cassie ..Jodi ..Scott and that other Petterson in an 8 by 10 together for life. Watch them all kill each other. Fight over the mirror.

      22. Daisy

        Reminds me of Rodney King of Southern CA. He ended up with lots of money and pull same crap and worse! Too many good people got hurt from his , “…can’t we all just get along…” lie!

      23. Daisy

        Dr. Drew worked with Psychologists; analysts; etc. in clinical center. For many years and learned a lot. I don’t think he’s a real psych doc.

      24. Daisy

        I think he mentioned he’s worked at rehab or along side professional psychologists; psychiatric professionals, etc for over 25 years and that’s where he got his learnings from, experience. He sees and comments on symptoms that might relate to a psych vocabulary. He’s like an arbitrator or mediator of sorts. I believe he counsels too (not sure).

      25. edimminger Post author

        On his show tonight he said he can’t practice in New York as he is not licensed there- so I do believe he is licensed in Ca.

      26. Daisy

        Maybe send them to Iraq or Pakistan or somewhere out there for some justice! That’ll save our countries lots of money and appeals!!!

      27. Penny

        Swiftest justice I’ve seen in a long time is Seacat trial. 6 hrs.jury found him guilty. We need more of this. No waste of tax payers moneythere.

      28. Pam

        It was kind of hard for the jury to not find him guilty…shot 3 times..gun under the body after on fire and blanket tucked up to her neck with her hands under blanket. It was the gun that killed her. Yet he said he went into the room and first tried to left her to get her out but realized she was dead.. Did he tuck her back in with fire all around him before he left. I’m surprised it took them 6 hours.

      29. Pam

        Daisy you made me almost fall off my chair laughing ……. he said her hear lolled back or sideways not off. roflmao That was cute

      30. ldlpllpenny

        Her head fell back not off. Don’t know much about the Zimmerman case other then it is a racial issue which to me is wrong.Take race out of it! Wonder if Jodi had been black would she have then got DP?

      31. Daisy

        Hate to say this but “yes” to Arias question and your right about Zimmerman case. I think racial B.S. was raised cause he wasn’t arrested nor interrogated after shooting and killing. It started with hoodies then got subject of race to attract more attention to get some kind of action/response.

      32. Penny

        You are so right Daisy – Cops let him go after interviewing him next thing you know he is on trial. Don’t know if he is quilty or not but think he will fry as it is all racial.

      33. Penny

        Don’t know how much of the Zimmerman trial I willatch but if the case of the 18 mo old baby is going to be televised I will watch that.

      34. Pam

        The father was just interviewed on HLN. Said wife told him he couldn’t have daughter because she was taking a nap.

      35. Penny

        I know but why did he wait to call police? If my husband gave me my 4 yr old but not 18 mo old I would have that was kinda fishy and not have waited.

      36. Daisy

        That’s what I said (to myself)! Who goes and get Daddy when some dude’s arguing and tearing his shirt off ready to fight??? Elaina, the baby girl of 18 mos, bio-dad TJ said he dropped kids and soon to be ex-wife off at her father’s and they said she never was at the hse. Next day, how TJ know where to go to pick up kids???? She was staying at her ex-boyfriends grandparents home!!! This is fishier and smelling sewage pipes soon type of case. Mother, Anglena, claims she was ashamed she didn’t take baby Elaina to see dr. cause she suffered some kind of injury. What kind?? How bad?? She’s just being charged with child endangerment and waiting for trial. Oh yeah, they’re diving and searching lake nearby!! Injured baby? Might have been drowned? Sound familiar????

        Gabriel Johnson (baby boy) was also held back from see father and mother claims she killed baby then said she gave baby away dunno who. Some babysitter of theirs had been charged and her trial’s over. Really screwy!

      37. Daisy

        shoot, it’ll only be manslaughter or involuntary manslaughter causing a death. Times short, I think it’s like 15 yrs + and with possibility of parole. They’re handling this with kid gloves. Did you see frye arguments? Take a guess how much one of them micro whatever whatever specialists cost just to try and figure out if voice heard crying help on 911 call is Zimmerman’s or Martin’s? Defense interviewed 2 asking for results they still couldn’t figure out who’s voice it was!! Now you know what witnesses he has to pay!

      38. Penny

        There is no way you can tell who’s voice that is. His mom said it was her sons “you can always tell your babies voice” I say BS

      39. ldlpllpenny

        The way they are picking jury for Zimmerman it is going to be a very long trail. I would be a good jurior as I really don’t have an opinion yet. If it is still going on when Jodi’s starts up wonder which one we will see the most.

      40. Daisy

        Since I’m in the West, and the cases are in courtrooms three hrs ahead, I can watch both leisurely!! That’s the power of a DVR baby!!!lolololololol

      41. Daisy

        Careful! Them DVR’s with HD movies are real addictive! U’ll find yourself doing things that you wanna do then spend hrs. catching up and deleting so it won’t get too full!! Good thing is, you can record a movie from PPV and keep them on hand in case too many reruns that you don’t care to watch then you can watch your taped movies or shows. I’m starting to record a whole series and watch them all at once (fast forward commercials) so I don’t have to remember what happened on last episode!!

      42. Pam

        Our courts go from 9am to around 3:30. Are we the only people that put in a full day? I mess up all those things too. I never learned how to program a VCR

      43. Penny

        I put in a long hard day watching Jodi trial. Won’t touch the remote thought as I could screw that up too. LMAO

      44. Penny

        My husband and kids think i’m INSANE but yet they all ask me what happened. Should tell them she walked, that would freak them out HAHA on them for calling me names

      45. Daisy

        Phew!!! I thought I was the only who screws any hi-tech equipment! I’m so bad I just got to text on my cell phone 3 mos. ago!! Welcome to my club!!! hahahahahaha!!!

      46. edimminger Post author

        I swear I texted for the first time about 2 months ago- had to text my sister’s husband while she was driving. Still don’t know how to on my own phone…I just tell people I’m ‘tech-challenged.’

      47. Pam

        My son got me a wireless phone for mom’s day and the only thing I know how to do is answer it and hit send. I can’t figure out how to Pin or tag on facebook or how to us Pinterest. I am lost on twitter trying to figure how to figure out if anybody answered my comments. I thought I had Pin all figured out today. When I hit Pin disappeared. I can’t find where it went lol. I warned my friends on facebook someone was in for a surprise. Dazed and Confused

      48. edimminger Post author

        Because of this trial I have learned to blog (this is my first blog), how to use facebook (I had facebook but had never really ‘used ‘ it before), Twitter (you can find other’s comments by hitting the ‘@’ at the top of page), and just recently Skype- as a TV producer interviewed me about being a trial junkie! Life is strange.

      49. Pam

        I have no clue how I found this blog. I have never blogged before. I stumbled on it somehow. I wasn’t even looking, but glad I did.

      50. Daisy

        I likin’ u by the minute! U talkin’ my lingo!! I just lost my settings on PC and can’t find it. Don’t know what happened to half my email contacts (got email address but lost name of who address belongs to)! I too made lots of comments on Face Book. Not sure anyone ever read or answer them either! I saw a tag by my sister and I don’t even know what it means. You’re one step ahead of me girlfriend! I’ve never even texted from my land line!
        I learned to take pictures w/my cell but I don’t know how to transfer those pics into my PC photo album. Pin?? I keep seeing that and don’t know how or where or what it is supposed to do. I can’t even figure out how to use web cam or if I need a server to use it.
        My baby sister’s in KY and she’s waiting for me to figure out how to use web cam so she could see me when we’re talking. I don’t even know how to dial a phone from a computer!

        Who’s worse…U or ME?????

      51. Penny

        I’m a little better then you. I learned to text a yr. ago.Still very slow when I do text. One of my girls tells me not to erase anything on my computer unless I ask her first. I wiped the whole thing out a few yrs ago.

      52. Daisy

        Everytime I make major mistake, I blame computer being slow or frozen or something stupid. I bitch and my husband buys me another one!!! I don’t have human kids to help me so that’s no good. My husband don’t even know how to turn a computer on! He don’t wanna know. I gotta do everything on computer for him.

      53. Penny

        Mine is so slow right now I’m going crazy. Need to take it in to have fixed but don’t want to miss the blogs. Maybe have my husband take it Thurs I will be glud to TV that day

      54. Pam

        I won’t be blogging about the Zimmerman trial. I don,t get into religion…politics…or..race related issues. I grew up around that stuff down in Maryland. I was in a bus in the city when city was being torched. I was 11yr old. I believe everyone is equal no matter race color age or sex. When it comes to these subjects people always misconstrue what you mean.

      55. Daisy

        I know what you mean. I can respect that! So when we yak about Zimmerman case, you can read all the comments. Oh yeah, maybe you can straighten me out! There’s a trial for Baby Gabriel Johnson; 2 different occurances of missing babies (8 mos. Levon and an baby girl named Elaina Steinfurt). Looks like more cases like Casey Anthony’s.
        I’m terrible with surfing web for info so maybe you can tell me whether I’m correct about these missing babies or not. Thanks!

      56. Pam

        I will be glad to discuss those poor babies with you guys. I think someone in that house punished that baby with abuse and hurt her and the mother is not talking. Be nice to get off of #438434 once in awhile. Its so nice to have that #..

      57. Penny

        Yes I agree with you. Won’t be watching the Zimmerman trial like I have Jodi’s. If there is a trial televised on the 18 mo. old baby that is missing that I will watch. Another Casey A case. Hope it has a better out come!

      58. Daisy

        Used to be court tv now called TruTV. In Session – real hearings held 5x/wk. 9am-11am PT- Vinnie Politan from HLN hosts. You’ll see how REALLY boring it can be.

      59. Pam

        But they love sick..twisted killers in those countries, Guy cut off his wife’s nose and ears cause he thought she was cheating. She was 14. Jodi could apply for and get that job.

      60. Daisy

        Thought women starting to fight for rights over there. It takes lots of years I’m sure but they’ll get there especially if their country wants to continue receiving aid and funds from US.

      61. Penny

        Would love to see that happen but think about it they would have guns but if they all shot each other that would be great.

      62. Pam

        I deleted accidentlly post I was suppose to reply on…Sorry Edimminger..had to use yours.. Up northeast here we have a saying now. ” If you want to kill your wife or kid go to Florida.”

      63. edimminger Post author

        I agree. One reason I am so angry about this trial is the way she tore down his character. And at least Casey didn’t take another famiily’s child away from them.

      64. Pam

        “””at least she didn’t take another family’s child from them””” “at least” at least she murdered a very young baby who couldn’t defend herself.. she was some ones family..she was everybodys family….sorry I’m just surprised you said that JMO

      65. edimminger Post author

        I’m not saying it’s ok to kill an innocent child- of course that’s horrendous and I think CA should have also got the Death Penalty, but by killing Travis Jodi destroyed his family and hers!

      66. edimminger Post author

        CA stands for Casey Anthony in this case. I’m in CA and a friend of mine was shot for his car. The guy who stole it and killed my friend has been on death row here since 1976. So he’s still breathin.

      67. Daisy

        Sickening isn’t it? It’s cause all them human rights attorney and activists who’s always screaming injustice before they even know what the hell went down!! Then it’s how words of the law were used and how it can be twisted to benefit a particular case that allows so many different appeals and tying up the courts. A victim sleeping and gets shot don’t even have a chance to say anything but the person who pulled the gun has more rights than anyone else! Everything’s a catch 22…

      68. Pam

        I’m a little confused. How come #438434 gets all this money spent on her in order to get a fair trial but Zimmerman needs donations? I know its different states but we are all under the same rights as citizens.

      69. Daisy

        I thinks it’s cause Arias got “court appointed” attorneys while Zimmerman got own “private attorneys”.

      70. Pam

        How can they be court appointed when they said she fired several lawyers over the years and even tried to be her own lawyer at one point? Those 2 doctors that testified weren’t court appointed they were paid.? Zimmermans lawyer said he needed money to hire people to testify?.

      71. Daisy

        Arias: attys were court appointed meaning private attorneys get assigned by court to represent a defendant and co/city/state pays. Experts were hired on by those attorneys as their “tools” needed to properly represent defendant and since they’re considered part of the defense legal team; gvt pays. Since this is a death penalty case, private attorneys are assigned by the courts in lieu of public defenders (especially if defendant didn’t find any one from public defender’s office satisfactory to represent them). She couldn’t literally fire an attorney unless she’s paying them. However, DP cases get better representation so defendants can not cry ‘injustice’; etc. She was given more than enough choices and she settled on Nurmi & Wilmott who in turn hired those experts as part of their team. Most importantly, Jodi Arias didn’t have any means of income so she couldn’t hire her own private attorneys. Unless, of course, some firm took interest in her case and decided to do pro-bono and she still has to say OK. Once counsel accepted, no objections or cries of unfairness can be used for an appeal.

        Zimmerman: Apparently has some finance which placed him over the eligibility for public defendant and court appointed attys. Also could be his own insistence in hiring his own private counsel or private firm approached him and he liked what he heard and decided to ask for help with the funding from the public. Seeing as to how his case seemed to attract certain groups of people on his side and believe he’s justified of the crime, donations were made available to him. Once you start with private funding of private attorney, you would most surely try to keep them on and they would continue representing him as long as they were being paid or decide to continue pro bono. Things can change if Zimmerman has no more resources for finances and ask court to assign public defender. However, Zimmerman had once proven deviant by messing with the first few hundred thousand dollars of contributed; court might disbelief claim of no other resources for financing of his attys. This would entail being sure his family or his wife’s family is financially strained also.

        Witnesses: especially specialists or experts need to be paid for their time to appear; exam; research; etc. which usually requires time away from their jobs; etc. Character and eyewitnesses are different.

        Was I able to kinda answer your questions Pam? Of course, things and circumstances can change the whole scenario I’ve just laid out!

      72. Daisy

        That’s true. Keep in mind of one thing, Nurmi and Wilmott are rookies dealing with criminal felony cases and their first DP.

      73. Daisy

        True, and I’m sure by now they’ve figure out what to do without her pulling the strings. They’re in for a rude awakening when/if they decide to do things the right way without her nags and tantrums. Actually Wilmott think she’s all powerful cause the two get along. Nothing to be proud of either. Practically leaving Nurmi sitting there all pitifully alone while those two play bump the elbows and read my notes game.

      74. Penny

        She will never let them run the show. They are doomed. The defendent has the right to do it their way. Az. is paying so why would she care and I think she thinks she is smarter then they are.

      75. Penny

        I don’t care for the judge. Think she has let to much come into this case and has let everyone ramble on. She seems more for the defense to me

      76. edimminger Post author

        I still don’t get the PTSD- so what if she did have it- it was after she murdered him. Oh, I know they were trying to explain the ‘Fog’, but – really?

      77. Daisy

        I’m near the coast and fog is my life…but I never LITERALLY butchered anyone! Only thing I didn’t remember in the fog was climbing up and ripping stop sign off from beach!!

      78. Pam

        Yes thanks. I have just always felt that no matter who you are you should be entitled to the same defense.

      79. Pam

        If you have the money you pay..but if you don’t you should be entitled to the same “exact” defense…SUPPOSE!!!!! you were innocent and someone said to you “oops Daisy..sorry you don’t have any money so bye bye” It happens everyday that innocent people are in jail because they cannot afford to pay for DNA tests that could prove their innocence or other things like detectives or experts witnesses.. I’m not talking about people like the butcher. I read an article about “The Innocence Project” but they can only take so many cases. So they take ones close to death. You would be surprised what they find out. Innocent people are railroaded every day because people with money use them as scapegoats. LOL A lot of things get me mad when I think about them. When my husband was alive he would pray for overtime. but when he got his check all the overtime went to taxes. I told him just to keep his ass home with the family instead of working the weekend for the government. LMAO many an good fight over that one….in case you are wondering yes I am of Irish descent.

      80. Daisy

        Irish huh? I’m Chinese. Ok w/you? That’s why attorney’s like Nurmi and Wilmott took this case!! FAME = MONEY I’ve been in a lot of situations and I know you speak the truth. There are a lot prisoners sitting & waiting for years for a trial and no one even know they’re in jail/prison!! Totally lost in the system and totally forgotten! That’s probably why jails are overcrowded!!

      81. Daisy

        I know. You mentioned poor or rich everyone should have same type kind of representation. If that’s to happen, who’ll pay for the poor’s representation? If gvt picks up tab, then it’ll be unfair to the rich, right?

      82. Pam

        Its not unfair to the rich. The rich get away with everything as it is. They get the damn tax breaks. They get all the breaks. I think the poor man should get some. The only thing I will ever say here that will sound racial is that the lines should not be drawn by color or religion but by the difference of how some people are made to live. Not everyone is brought up in a family with the advantages others have. Even if they are really smart there are only so many grants and scholarships out there for college. A lot of rich kids get into colleges just because it was daddy’s alma matter. Things are out of balance not just here but everywhere. I am not angry about this just stating facts. At least “everyone” deserves something that is equal under the law. The right to a fair trial. With the best defense possible.

      83. Daisy

        The same claim law claims…everyone should have a fair hearing and must have atty. If one can not afford one, court will either get public defender or court “assigned” pvt. atty.
        Good or bad depends on you, not just the atty. So-called good attorneys are those with a big win under their belt and will start with huge retainers and fees. Famous “good” attys may not be good for someone looking/needing one for a particular case. Only famous attys get to chose their clients. I’ve seen really good public defenders. I use to help my ex-husband interview attys for his raps. I wasn’t financially well endowed but we never lost a trial. Criminal cases, not small time cases.

      84. Daisy

        By the looks of him, he needs a raise for new wardrobe and a personal trainer! I felt he wanted off the case cause JA doesn’t like him and if he can’t communicate w/client; well; even if someone relays messages to him from JA, a chance of a word or two might change the whole message’s meaning and that’s not good. Basically, he just makes speeches and not worth a penny when it comes to cross examinations. He better have a huge wad stashed away if he wants to open his own firm!! Hopefully it won’t be for major criminal cases. He’s people manner sucks!

      85. edimminger Post author

        Oh he has a huge wad alright- he made over $4000 a week (times 5 months) for the Arias trial so far. And people wonder why he talked so slow!
        Remember when Martinez mentioned Nurmi was making motions to ‘add pennies to his kettle’?

      86. Daisy

        Yea but I thought Martinez was kidding! $4000/wk can’t go very far nowadays. I’m sure renting an office alone could eat up 11/2 week’s salary!! Slow is for real!! Seacat’s atty was almost as slow as Nurmi!! Wanna see turtles race??? I had a brain surgery and 2 strokes and even I can talk faster than them!!!

      87. Pam

        You would have to be dead not to be able to keep up with Nurmi. He reminded me of putting a record on the wrong speed. Hope you lovely people are all old enough to know what a recorded and a record player is lol

      88. Pam

        Your way smarter then me. Years ago I donated my records and player to church for needy kids..years later went my 8 track and tapes..then my kids Atari went 80 games. My kids yell at me today about giving away vintage things….but come close so I can whisper ” I have 78’s in my storage in great condition from the middle 60’s…Eagles..Stephen Wolf..Queen Willie Nelson and don’t tell anyone lol

      89. Pam

        Omg yes…Barry White..we use to call him..ok got to whisper here ” f–k voice”. Motown…. I had them all on 8 track and now on DVD

      90. Daisy

        Barry Manilow? Delfonics!! Four Seasons!! Supremes!! Smokey Robinson!! The Miracles!! Three Degrees!! Peaches & Herb!! My lovely Barbara Streisand!! ahhhh….those were the days…!!!!!

      91. Pam

        Supremes..Smokey omg the memories. We only had one radio channel when we moved up north..It was Frank Sinatra and his buddies..ugh… The only music we had was when this music started to show up and we could buy the records. To this day if I hear New York New York I want to throw something

      92. edimminger Post author

        Okay- who knows who James Jamerson is? He is the Bass player for all those great Motown songs. I think those are some of the most memorable Bass lines in music. (I only know this because a Bass student of mine told me). (And I can’t believe you guys got me to comment on this thread!)

      93. ldlpllpenny

        Think Nurmi was sick of Jodi running the whole show and not allowing what either lawyers wanted to do or say. He looked to me like he just gave up.

      94. ldlpllpenny

        Never heard he got a raise but judge I’m sure had to do something as no sane person wanted Jodi’s case. except Wilmont. Nurmi had to do the best he could but I feel at the end he was so sick of her he really wasn’t fighting for her life.

      95. Pam

        Then why in his last close did he play again the one sided phone sex tape and hammer into the juries heads about the names Travis called #438434. He went on and on about the same nasty fiction he did through the whole case. Him and Wilmott make me physically ill. If I heard that one sided sex tape one more time I was going to throw-up. I wonder what either one of those low lifes would feel if it was one of their family. I again say..I know she has a right to a proper defense. but when a lawyer gets up and knowing spouts lies about a dead man that can’t defend himself tha is going to far. With her history of lying for all the time before the trial there is no way your going to make me believe that they “DID NOT KNOW” what she told them “WAS ALL LIES”. LaViolet is another one. When Juan asked her how she knew #438434 was telling the truth…. She kept saying this one said and that one said…..the stupid woman didn’t talk to anyone .How could she sit there and say anyone said? Oh well she read statements. You have to meet people to talk about the person you are diagnosing. Even I a layman knows that. She read a test.. OMG she read a text…..she knows it all now…don’tchaknow… Man hating bitch…..Oh yeah and Dr. Rolly Polly and I say that with all good humor since I am of the rolly polly persausion myself. I can’t remember his name. Am I wrong or did he shuffle papers..babble and do side long looks at his #438434. Enough said about him. I can picture all of them doing ring around the rosie with #438434 in the middle smiling taping each one on the head with her wand. It isn’t the koolaide..its the wand. Don’t forget the K-Y guys. Oh dear on another rant sorry guys lol

      96. Daisy

        WOW!!! You go girl!! Let it all out!! I think sex crap; pix; tapes; etc. were their way of trying to convince jury she was his “little secret” or was it “little lie”? One of those. It was their objective, show deviant sex acts – S & M. Therefore she was his “little secret”.

      97. Daisy

        She got no secrets! Remember, she bared all in journals; phone calls; emails; texts; pictures and most of all, TV & court!!!! She dirty but no little secrets….hahaha

      98. Penny

        Pam rolypoly and LaViolet made me sick. They talked with only her no one else and based their opinion on that. First of all they spoke with her before she confessed then rolypoly never gave her the exam again what a joke. He could never find his paper work. How can you find she is telling the truth about anything unless you have interviewed other people that knew her. A little one sided I would say. Now I need to throw up!

      99. Daisy

        Here’s a little push to help you throw up….Imagine his sweating bald head and beady eyes staring at your boobies while you talked a mile a minute. Think he heard anything but the descriptive sex acts? Ok, you can go pukie now…..

      100. Penny

        Just got out of the bathroom. Nothing left in my stomach now. Wonder how his wife can sleep next to him? Gotta run to the bathroom again – gagggggggg

      101. edimminger Post author

        A good rant…I agree with you! I was shocked when the defense in the CA case made stuff up but I was totally unprepared for how far this defense team would take these lies.

      102. Penny

        I’m in CA and can’t remember last time we used the DP. TX is about the state you do hear about that puts people to death. This is what cost so much money. Quit playing around and use it.

      103. Daisy

        All I know is, she’ll be alone most of the time and she said she like to play with herself, so I just hope she keeps her hands clean as not to die from a STD!!

      104. Penny

        Then after cutting off fingers go to the toes then find 3 pairs of socks and cover the holes. That should do it.

      105. Daisy

        CA has death penalty! Just being held up cause of governmental red tape!! Courts claiming “inhumane” methods used. CAN U BELIEVE that???? What? Think victims were treated more humanely??? Such BS! Now those on DP are held back indefinitely (unless I didn’t hear latest news about it).

      106. Penny

        More then a spoiled brat. Still think she killed her baby. Do not believe for 1 second she drowned in that pool.

      107. Daisy

        is Casey did that, she’ll hated more (if that’s possible). That child would have to have been the DEVIL himself to justify that kind of action. Court cases always entails somebody getting their character; their dignity; their lives and/or their family stomped on and smeared with hideous accusations of immoral behavior. It depends on the jury; judge; etc. whether they believe it or not. When that case is over and no one bought the BS; civil suit for defamation follows; and etc.

      108. Daisy

        I know. Thing is, most info had to be stricken before it reaches court (or media; jury; public; etc). Lots are iffy info depending on the law (like juvenile records kept sealed and can’t be used in adult court; some medical info cause it’s suppose to be private unless ok’d by that person w/medical history; coo-coo records unless tests were conducted for court usage; etc). That’s why so many mass shooter’s medical/psycho records are exposed AFTER crime’s already been committed. Like you can’t cry self-defense after hitting a person who didn’t touch you first. Verbal threats and a clenched fist is not enough. I went through that crap myself.

      109. Pam

        The very first time it shocked and amazed me was when Casey Anthony’s lawyer pulled his statement out of thin air” She would get up in the morning and have her father penis in her mouth and go to school like nothing happened” I think you could have blown millions of TV viewers off their sets. The total ugly lie of the whole thing was never proven through the whole case and that lawyer “HAD TO KNOW” there was no back up evidence when he said it.

      110. Daisy

        yeah, but dad didn’t exactly deny which makes it ok to broadcast! Jodi’s mom didn’t deny wooden spoon did she? I bet that’ll be in her testimony if she testifies!

      111. Pam

        Yes he did deny it. He denied it on the stand several times. He denied during several taped interviews. It was just as much a shock to him when it was said. The poor men I think kept quiet alot during the trial because he lost his granddaughter and didn’t want to see his daughter die too. Plus he was in shock over everything. Last thing he thought was his daughter would use him for a scape goat. He wanted to kill himself remember. He showed more feeling about that baby then any of them What was he suppose to do? Jump up at that moment and yell ” I didn’t do it” He would have sounded more guilty if he did. I give that man a lot of respect. Her mother however is a bitch. She knows what her kid did. She knows her husband is innocent but she never stood up for him. She knows her own kid. She knows the lies. And that brother of hers calling out the initials at the baby’s service to signal her instead of the poor baby made me sick. The only one worth shit in thay family is George.

      112. Daisy

        Ok, I admit. I wasn’t much into the trial cause everytime I see them on TV, I just get pissed looking at Casey & her mom. Her mom got a big bitchy mouth and her dad was silent everytime I checked. Now I remember, her father did try to commit suicide cause of all the negative crap pointed his way by his own family. Sorry, forgot!

      113. Penny

        What I had a hard time understaning neither one of Casey A parents denied anything. I would be jumping out of my chair if one of my kids said that!!!!!!

      114. Daisy

        He’s still crazy to think TA abused JA emotionally and physically! Just cause he tied her up; went down on her when she was “asleep” (she probably felt embarrassed cause she didn’t shave down there!); called her dirty names. Shoot, didn’t she say he got a big ” d—? Didn’t she say she liked how he f—ed her??? Duh? So, she abused TA, right? Actually, she abused herself emotionally by thinking TA was in love with her and she felt she loved him and still does. She doesn’t even know what love is!!!

      115. Pam

        I firmly believe she started all the erotic sexual stuff with him. She used it to get his attention and keep it. It just didn’t work. The jury foreman is just saying that to excuse his crush on Jodi. Some doctor on TV said it the other night. Men will be men. “God Bless Em

      116. edimminger Post author

        I don’t buy half , no most of what she said re_ the sex…I don’t believe she was ever tied up and I don’t believe the BJ at Starbucks and zI don’t believe the Anal after the baptism–people said they left (apart) right after the baptism. Remember these stories have no proof- only her word!

      117. Daisy

        Right, only her words. I would like to ask if any of you might think as I did that:

        1) Her braided hair picture wasn’t first time she braided her hair as she stated that Travis wanted? Braids were on picture with her ex-boyfriend, Bobby. Wonder, did he ask her same thing Travis supposedly did?

        2) I found the so-called Valentine’s gift from Travis (Spiderman undies) was false cause she worn Superman undies in a picture with Bobby also.

        3) She probably had knife and gun with her way before the opportunity arose for her to use them just like her mom had wooden spoon everywhere she went and used it whenever she had to (so she claimed). Coincidence?

        I felt she stabbed him on while he was facing the wall and next thing I saw was picture of him stooping down in the shower with a “I can’t believe it…” look in his eyes and that’s when she really stabbing his front.

        What’d all think?

      118. Pam

        Ok This is what I think.
        1. She pulled the school girl shit as part of her sex kitten crap. She probably did it with all her men.

        2. I don’t believe for one minute Travis gave her spider man under wear. She saved everything else..why didn’t she save those? Also the T shirt and undies she took the picture of that said Travis’s didn’t have a time stamp. I believe she had them made up herself. she could have ironed on those letters. Untraceable. Who sets up pics and undies and takes pics? How convenient.

        I believe when she got to the apartment she watched him from the bedroom while he was on computer like she said. I think she had sex with him. She only brought the gun with her to get instant control of the situation when he was defenseless in the shower. I think she made him pose against his will. Who poses for under wear pics sitting down. plus all those pics were above his waist???????? I looked at his face in all those pics and he had a strange look on his face.NOT HAPPY That last pic with his face up close she then dropped the gun and stabbed him . He didn’t expect that change. At some point she picked it up and shot him. I just believe the whole shower thing was under her control. I also wonder why she took the rope. could he have been tied up when it started thinking it was play time??? There is more to her evil that night then has come out.

      119. Penny

        Every thing that you have said is how I feel but hadn’t thought about the flash. You are on top of things. Thanks Love reading your comments!

      120. Penny

        She is so full of B.S. Forgot about Little Red Ridinghood. Wonder if she is getting nuttier sitting in that cell by herself?

  2. Judy Peal

    Jodi is Nothing but E V I L., TO THE FULL EXTENT OF THE WORD.

      J. C. Peal


    1. Pam

      Evil is right. Borderline personality disorder is not insanity. Its a pyscosis “pardon spelling”
      She has no feelings for others ..narcassitic.. selfish

      1. edimminger Post author

        I am hoping in a condensed trial the facts will stand out ans the jurors won’t ‘get to know her’ as she won’t be on the stand for a month.

    1. Penny

      Daisy I’m with you. Braided hair – ya right she just thought she look hot. Undies she bought herself and the tee shirt she had made. As I posted before Travis had a terrified look on his face in the picture and think she had the gun on him and made turn around but wanted him to feel everything she was doing to him so started stabbing. This purely over kill!

      1. Daisy

        Oh yeah, not to mention fact that defense attorney’s need time to find some “non-law breaking friends” of JA’s to testify on her behalf. Plus, they need time conjure up more lies for her family (especially parents) to try and mend damage made during their police interviews!! ALL LIES AGAIN!! Besides, experts (like Violette & Samuels) shouldn’t be allowed to do any character witnessing since they didn’t know her before jail and even then, she was lying to them all along!! How stupid is that???

  3. NancyB

    JA’s defense files motion to continue penalty phase until January 2014.

    Judge S. has also re-sealed all bench and chamber conferences so as not to bias any new jury

    Here is court document ordering re-sealing of current and all future conferences, meetings:

    Here is the defense motion:

    Corey Rangel ‏@CoreyABC15 1m
    #JodiArias’ attorneys want to delay her penalty phase until JANUARY 2014. They filed a motion. Read it here:

    1. K

      So..what about the crime pics all over the net, and the docs online of Juan and Willy arguing? I don’t think there’s much they can do about the net. They are gonna have to find people who live under rocks and don’t look at current events…Idk if I want people who are that uninformed on the jury. But then, look at the foreman they had the first time round, doesn’t get much dumber than him.

      1. Daisy

        hahaha! Believe it or not, I’ve seen dumber! Even if the whole knows about this case, there are many who can be fair and pass judgment till all facts are in; explained; and argued and definitely look at defendant throughout the presentation and judge for themselves if things jive one way or another. At least we know she’s spending rest of her life in prison no matter what. Defense just wants to have her transferred to coo-coo ward for a cushier stay while in prison. She’s probably insisting on it. Last time she was in psych ward, she liked it! Taking away her privilege of speech; computer usage; limited phone time and keeping track of her calls; mail and visitors will probably cause her to regret asking for life. Just cross our fingers it’ll be life w/o chance of parole! Oh yea, any monies to her will automatically go to the Alexanders. Now that’s my kind of justice!!

      2. Pam

        I don’t know if I could have been fair. The first time I heard about this case I turned on the TV and saw her. I had the creepy crawls. I just knew she was evil right from my first look.

      3. Penny

        Nancy Grace said Jodi will probably moved over to a chushy mental facility and may never see a day behind bars. I am over the top PISSED!

      4. Daisy

        not yet. I would assume she’ll be moved only if MORE psycho tests were given. Thus far, she’s not been proven or shown mental illness of any kind. I think if her brain needs examination, it’ll have to be removed. Otherwise, all those psych test “names or terminology” that applies to her doesn’t mean she’s mentally ill. Hell, every morning I wake up, I’m a bitch till late afternoon then I’m as lovable as a kitten rest of date into nite. That could be something like “personality disorder” wouldn’t it????

      5. Daisy

        Media and web would not be sealed! Pictures already submitted in evidence is out there for all to see if wish. Nothing can be done about that! Did you ever notice how many pictures of herself were shown on TV???

      6. Penny

        Last night Nancy Grace said Jodi will probably soon go into a chushy mental facility with only about 20 people and may never see a day behind bars. Her team is using the personality disorder to get her moved there. Wonder if JM can do anything or if judge will allow this?

    1. Pam

      I have decided that her brain and her mouth are in the same southern hemisphere along with her ass. Now is says on facebook that her mothers twin sister is making some kind of noise about Juan writing a book about Jodi. He wouldn’t do that with the trial still going. That Patti is all over TV crying to everyone that she didn’t go to Jodi’s defemse because of fear for her and her daughters life..ok I can believe….BUT she also says Juan lied in court about her doing drugs. Why would he do that on national TV. Nurmi and Wilmott were there during the interview with this Patti and it was taped. Not once did they say he lied about it. JMO

  4. Daisy

    JA’s friend Patti was too frighten of publicity and allege threats. What a weak excuse! I’m sure every court case, from murder down to small claims court, many witnesses, both for prosecutors and defenses, were/are exposed to publicity (may not be via media but all transcripts are public record) and/or felt threaten in some way. Didn’t stop no testimony did it??? Lots of witnesses were served and forced to testify. As a best friend who believes their friends is REALLY an innocent victim, they’ll beat the odds and go to court on their behalf. Besides, Patti hadn’t seen or talked to her for years after her wedding. She just got hooked up with her again when she visited her in jail! Her ex’s were so taken by her and to continue friendship after break-ups should ask themselves whether they really knew her. Makes people wonder what she might had done with them after they allegedly broke = up! Maybe same thing she did with TA….hmmmmm could she have been giving it up to them too????

    I think all defense wants with all the delays and negative publicities is a hope that the Alexander’s will in and just settle for life (they hope same for prosecutor Martinez). More sneaky, conniving planning going on!!!

    1. Pam

      I watched Patti on Jane Valez Mitchell’ I was disgusted .whine whine whine I went on facebook and told Jane. I was surprised because alot of people had done the same thing. I asked Jane what her problem was letting Patti whine about her problems and then say Juan lied about her. Juan interviewed her on tape in front of Wilmontt and Nurmi and they didn’t call him a liar in court when he said he didn’;t talk about her drugs.She didn’t even confrontPatti over calling Juan a liar on TV. She is the one who came forward waving those wedding pics saying “Oh Jodi,s my friend” She put herself out there in the lime light.

      1. Daisy

        Yup! Although I don’t agree if people literally harm a juror or witness; free speech is all that’s being made by the public and that’s freedom of speech BABY!!! Learn how to play the game and win. She’s whining cause Defense attorney’s are coaching her. Even if defense attorney’s isn’t/didn’t coach her personally (cause that’ll be tampering with a witness); they can recommend someone with knowledge of law to counsel her (and rest of family for that matter). That’s why I agree with Mr. Martinez’s tactics and love how he never backed down. He’s doing all the work himself and that’s most commendable. Win or lose, he’s a real asset to state of Arizona. Detective Flores stayed close to Prosecutor Martinez for support throughout this trial. That’s call conviction…they know they’re right about this case. It’s a pity Defense is trying to make a mockery of this trial when State has been working so darn hard. Wonder if defense might try to prove to the public/media that they honestly believe their client deserves all those cries of insanity; suicidal; abused; smart; youthfulness; etc. and finish this last phase of the conviction PRO BONO?? lololol

      2. Daisy

        And don’t forget, JA grew pot in 8th grade!! Think it stopped???? Think no one tried the product??? REALLY???lololololo

      3. Penny

        I think the nude pictures got to that foreman. What did the pictures prove jury already knew they were having sex. Hope they keep them out thex trial as another man may want to save Jodi.

      4. Daisy

        Gee, I wonder…..if pic of her in pig-tails and nude might’ve stir some male jurors; makes one wonder if they were considered “P” also????

      5. Pam

        Welcome and have fun Daisy.. I think when I started not to long ago it was me and you edimminger the other lady the warrioress. I did not agree with her point of view and she never came back. I felt bad about that. I think its building to a nice group of open minded people. I enjoy you all. Pam

      6. Daisy

        Ditto! I’m a late joiner cause I’ve been looking at all the wrong places for a great group like this one. Thanks all for letting me in..

      7. Penny

        Those nude pictures were put in for a reason and it was the defense who put them in. Who cares who takes nude pic’s what did they prove and for what purpose? Still want to know how should could ever change her plea?

      8. Daisy

        I’m wondering same. I don’t think she can change plea, however, she can sue defense attys for bad advice and bad plea! They should’ve plead insanity from the very beginning!! Now that she’s opened her mouth so much, people can see and hear she’s not mentally ill to the point of not knowing right from wrong and that’s the main cause for pleading insanity.

      9. Pam


      10. Daisy

        Everyone knows she’s pulling the strings (like puppets). Gotta prove it though and that’s not gonna happen till she tries to appeal on the grounds of ineffective counsel; bad legal counsel; etc.

      11. Pam

        The trial is over. There is no plea on the table. She is found guilty of murder 1 with extreme cruelty. The only question left is
        1. Are there any good reasons not to put her to death.

        Everything else is to late, She has to try that stuff if she gets an appeal. It has nothing to do with this. Live or Die? Thats it!

      12. Penny

        Pam I had heard defense was going to try and change plea to insanity. Didn’t think they could. Thanks for clearing that up.

      13. Pam

        They want to say they should put her to death because she is a little looney. They want to latch onto the prosecutions diagnosis now. as a factor to keep her alive. She has no friends to talk…I doubt family because Juan will jump all over them about the abuse lies. Her good buddy Matt has disappeared into the woodwork about her bruises. Her buddy Patti is whining all over the talking heads. Her art work is a lie. I guess she can grow her hair and cut it. Maybe her prison buds will come forward and speak for her. Yeah Yeah your honor #438434 is teaching me to read…See Dick run…

      14. Pam

        I think as long as there men on the jury there is a very good chance she will get life. Sorry guys but it has been my experience that you think with the wrong head.

      15. Daisy

        Won’t work trying to cop insanity after found guilty in 2 phases of the trial. I have a feeling it might be Life but main issue with that is to determine life w/possibility of parole and time served or life w/o possibility of parole. Just pray it’s either DP or Life W/O parole.

      16. Daisy

        Pam! She can’t cut hair unless it’s long enough and time to donate her wonderful hair! You forget?? Only way her kind of mental illness will benefit society is to have them cut out and see what’s missing that causes her kind of behavior/emotions. What’ s messed up is bet some psych might want her alive so they can conduct research (so they’ll claim). I wouldn’t mind seeing that research if they conduct it in a maze like they did to mice; mouse; etc in the old days…

    2. Penny

      From the beginning I thought the delays were an excuse to have everything settle down and hoping people would not remeber all the details so that she would get life. Would be very surprised if either JM or Alexander family will go for life without a fight.

      1. Penny

        Hope I’m right too. Family and JM have put so much time in this case I just can’t see them agreeing to life. Their to much invested in Travis’s case. Do you know when we will find out if the case is postponed?

  5. Daisy

    Lots of times, jurors don’t get the whole picture of a defendant. System has to protect criminal human rights just so no biasness can be a blame when they’re found guilty. Sucks huh?? O well!!

      1. Daisy

        unfortunately, yes. His family, friends, prosecutor, church, and us,- we’re his only chance of whatever human rights he deserves. That’s why we’re supporting him and his family and friends, right?

      1. Daisy

        If she’s in stripes, it’s her in the courtroom but looks like not many live reports except whoever is assigned from HLN inside courtroom will be reporting when they come out of courtroom.

      2. Penny

        More delay’s can’t believe it. Don’t understand why judge could not tell defense trial would start on July 18. As I have stated before judge leans over backwards for the defense. Jodi is loven this!

      3. Daisy

        I know!!! Wonder how much they have to stoop down for defendants of death roll penalty before they actually stop this screwing around! Can you imagine? Even if she was sentenced DP; she still gets years of appeals!! I think if she agrees to life w/o parole, she can’t appeal on a plea made via plea bargaining. Did you notice how courtroom was packed with more prisoner cops????

      4. Penny

        I am so pissed that this is happening again. Why does judge think 7/18 for this delay? It should be when Jodi’s trial starts. All trials on HLN will be over and Jodi’s will still not be starting. Justice – no, insanity Iis what I think.

      5. Daisy

        Ridiculous!! However, Arias looked like she belonged in jail wearing proper attire today (dull white w/grey stripes; cuffed and shackled; make-up less)!! From the looks of those bullet-proof vested officers; I think they’re being sure she can’t sneak no more pencils or pens or paper or magazines back to cell. Most importantly, to stop any media personnel from approaching her or her trying to talk to media! Was glad to see that happening tho’ months late!!

      6. Daisy

        Just heard Galenos say 7/18th w/be status hearing not the trial. I wonder, if Wilmott could attend status hearing on 7/18, why can’t she be available 7/18 for trial instead???

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