Court Cancelled Today

No court until next Wednesday. The rumor I am hearing is that since Jodi gave an interview 20 minutes after being found guilty where she claimed she wanted to get the Death Penalty she has been under a suicide watch. There is a possibility they are checking out her competency to go forward.

3 thoughts on “Court Cancelled Today

  1. Judy Peal

    Great, not more Az Tax money. ANOTHER MANIPULATION BY Jodi.

      J. C. Peal


  2. Susan David

    Correct me of I’m wrong but she didn’t say she wanted to kill herself…..she doesn’t have a plan or the means…..all she said was she’d rather get death than natural life…..big difference….

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree, but the Sheriff wants to be sure so that’s what they did. It’s actually kinda funny that someone finally called her bluff.


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