***Update*** The Hearings coming up

Info from Chris Stark off of Twitter (thanks) who read the most recent mistrial filings indicates the following:

1.  Nurmi is still trying to get a mistrial for ‘Prosecutorial Misconduct.’ He will bring in the film footage of Martinez signing autographs. HLN producer Grace Wong is being brought in (it is assumed) to talk about the claim that Jean Cazares saw Martinez signing autographs for fans in front of a juror (Jean didn’t say that- she actually testified that she DIDN’T see any jurors doing that).

2. Alyce is being brought back in on either Monday or Tuesday to face charges that she approached Sam (Travis’ sister) after testifying last week. Rumors say that after tearing up Travis’ reputation she had the nerve to go up to Sam and say: “It’s not personal.” This is a huge mistake as it is against the rights of the victims family to be approached like that. Should make for an interesting start to the week.

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