Nurmi deceives Chris Hughes

Following is a letter from Chris Hughes- I have not yet verified it’s authenticity but it seems legit.  Credit to Shirley Accatino for this info.


Chris Hughes The State vs Jodi Arias ~ Travis Alexander murder trial
February 9 at 2:28am · ..OK, so I have been pretty quiet through this trial…so far. We have decided to not do any media until after the trial is over. We had no idea how hard that commitment would be to keep as we had underestimated the attack that would be made on Travis. But we made it, so we will keep it. That said, there are a few things I need to clear up that are floating around on the net…..

IT (Jodi), being IT, came up with a whole new set of lies in 2010. Lies, I would imagine, she is going to try to work into this trial, as she fights for her life. I didn’t think she would attempt to do this as there is no evidence as to the validity of these claims. There are only letters conjured by IT that were thrown out of court and deemed “fraudulent.” I just figured she, and everyone on her team, had given up on these ridiculous claims until I read the posts below:

“It also makes you wonder just how much Chris & Sky Hughes really knew about TA’s child addiction (and the physical/verbal abuse he inflicted upon Jodi in private). Remember Sky’s initial reaction to one of TA’s letters too, where she specifically referenced TA’s age of attraction?” and “(& subsequent cover-up of TA’s abuse & child porn-related issues) by Chris & Sky Hughes.”

UNBELIEVABLE! Are people really this delusional? This info is from fake letters…too fake even for the National Enquirer to run with! That is saying something! Some of you heard me call Nurmi a liar. It was related to these claims. He had LIED to my wife. He emailed her a letter, telling her it was “100% verified to be Travis’ writing” and that there was “irrefutable evidence” backing up these claims. #1- It’s near impossible to verify something 100%. AND it is absolutely impossible to even come close if there is no original (which we later found there is not). #2- There is no, and never has been “irrefutable evidence” to back up these claims. He totally lied! Sky’s reaction to what Nurmi sent her had ZERO to do with Travis and his character, and EVERYTHING to do with Nurmi’s lies and manipulative tactics and her experiences working with sexually abused kids. The ONLY reason Sky even went there, as far as Travis was concerned, was because Nurmi told her there was “irrefutable evidence,” and to us, the only thing irrefutable would be video tapes. We had NO IDEA that it was legal for the defense attorney to lie about evidence to try to sway someone’s testimony (we had been subpoenaed to testify in a hearing the following week). Unbelievably unethical in my opinion.

I just wanted everyone to be aware of this, because I’m guessing Jodi, being the shamelessly evil person she is, is going to make these asinine claims! Here is what we know about Jodi… and it is truly “irrefutable.” Jodi lies…and lies… and lies… it’s just what she does, and who she is. She has done it from the beginning, and we can expect more of it until this trial is over. To expect anything other than lies from Jodi would be naive at best. Travis is not, and never has been, a pedophile. And only the most despicable of human beings would accuse someone of being such, knowing they are not. There is nothing worse.

31 thoughts on “Nurmi deceives Chris Hughes

  1. Robin Kahler

    Yes it is legal for them and for cops to LIE to try to get you to say something. I’m so sorry you are going through this. Know that there are people like me who know the truth. We are smarter than even Jodi Einstein, yes, we can figure it out.
    God be with your family.

  2. Lori

    Well said Chris! My thoughts and prayers go out to Travis’ family and his friends. He appears to have been a very nice guy and it’s such a shame that he was slaughtered the way IT did it. I personally am rooting for 1st Degree- death for IT. I don’t believe all crimes/murders deserve death, but I 100% believe that’s the best answer in this case. What she did is unthinkable and inexcusable! I get upset when I hear some comments about Travis being abusive to Jodi based on the one text he sent her regarding him calling her names. Was it harsh- yeah. Did she 100% deserve it? YES! Was it abuse? NO! If you follow the evidence, his words were because she just wouldn’t let him be. I think we all have been in a breakup where no matter what we say or do, the other person keeps trying to come back. Sooner or later, you have to get mean to make them see, you really don’t want to be bothered any longer. I think what he said was fully warranted based on her prior actions and stalking. I can only imagine at that point what Travis was feeling.

    1. edimminger Post author

      You took the words right out of my mouth. If there ever was a death penalty she deserves it for the incredible brutal way she murdered him. Regarding having to be harsh- I wrote a note to a guy who wouldn’t leave me alone in school saying “F—Off” and he gave it to the teacher!

      1. legallyblonde211

        Sorry to hear that Edimminger. I hope you didn’t get in too much trouble.and I completely agree with you on her deserving the death penalty, 100% without a doubt.

  3. Vonya

    Travis has been slandered by a documented liar…..That proves all IT’S disgusting accusations and allegations are just MORE lies. Those who knew and loved Travis are blessed to have memories of him that cannot be tainted by IT’S desperate attempts to avoid being held accountable for murdering him in such a vicious, heinous manner. He is obviously loved and respected–and missed very much. I pray there will be justice for Travis and that the verdict gives Travis’ family and friends some margin of peace.

    I am outraged that IT is now spewing lies, innuendoes, insults and FILTH over a Twitter feed! That is BEYOND revolting to me and I have to wonder HOW this is possible from JAIL! Everyone who feels a MURDERER should NOT be allowed to have such a platform, PLEASE speak up and ask the State of AZ to shut this down NOW! Travis’ friends and family do NOT deserve to be subjected to his murderer’s “tweets”, too!

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree..and I have heard people have contacted Twitter to let them know that the person tweeting as Jodi is not really Jodi. Apparently that’s not allowed.

  4. legallyblonde211

    @ Edi- sorry I miss read the comment at first, I re-read it and yes I agree, I do believe that is against Twitter’s rules, especially since it’s not actually Jodi typing it. I know they won’t allow her to sell any art any longer on their site.

  5. Sandy

    Actually according to Twitter’s rules on impersonation – the only person who can get it taken down is Jodi herself. 😦

  6. joyce

    Lawyers can lie to a witness in court to trick you into saying what they need you to say but the witness must take an oath to tell the truth. What’s wrong with the system?

  7. Ellen thompkins

    Is this the Chris Hughes who was Travis friend who has been quoted
    In this trial that Travis was a abuser and he and his wife told JA to stay away from him ? If nurmi lied why haven’t you disputed his lies have you
    Advised the prosecutor of the truth sorry I’m suspicious your name has been used constantly to tear down Travis .

      1. Ellen thompkins

        Chris Hughes and his wife are now saying Kirt Nurmi
        Lied to them to get them to say what they did about
        Travis I’m very sceptical about these two I think they lied of their volition along with Kirt Nurmi to late to get out of it now
        They should be ashamed now they can never say I’m sorry!!

    1. legallyblonde211

      They actually did. When he was on the proffer I believe is what they called it on the stand without the jury’s presence (I believe it was day 10 of the trial). I’ve done a lot of research on this because I thought it was odd too, at first, that they would say such things about Travis. The email from everything I’ve read is about them saying Travis was a Pedophile and that they said they had verifiable proof. I’m sure after Travis’ death, no one’s head was working right in those that were close to him, especially those that had known both Hodi and him in a relationship. I’ve also read that the original email was a fake that was done by Hodi. Now I’m not sure if that was to indicate that she hacked into their account and typed the email saying it was from them or what it was. It’s easy to forward an email to someone and change who the original message, date and time was. When you’re in the fwd all you have to do it go down and type in any information you want so I could see that it could have easily been manipulated by her and her defense team. You have to remember that they don’t give them all of the message to review, only what they want them to see and if there was an email that said it was from Sky Hughes’ email address, how could they dispute that other than what they’ve said that it was a lie. I do believe in fact that the information about the original email being a fake written by Hodi was mentioned by Chris Hughes on Dr. Drew this past Monday when he was on. Just my opinion but I think Hodi, who already has been proven to be a liar, already been proven to falsify and forge documents such as the letters they were trying to get in that Travis supposedly wrote indicating he was indeed a Pedophile, fully did falsify the original email on that exchange and make it appear that Sky said things she really didn’t say. Sky’s account about the comment about her not allowing her younger sister to date Travis wasn’t because he was abusive but because he didn’t want to settle down and commit. There’s NO crime against that. Hell I wouldn’t have allowed any of my friends to date my brother- simple because I would be afraid it would ruin our friendship if they didn’t work out and I didn’t want to be put in the middle if they ever had issues so Sky’s comment about not dating her sister makes perfect sense to me. It doesn’t in no ways make Travis an abuser. I think Travis was a typical guy. No offense to men that might read this but most men think with their “head” and not their brains.

      1. Ellen thompkins

        Thanks that was very enlighting about the Hughes I also heard
        About the letters she forged and said that they were from Travis
        Nurmi asked for a hearing to bring these letters in he was denied by the judge then it was proven aries forged them JM wanted to use them against her and was also denied so I don’t doubt she would do this to the Hughes but I still do not trust them . Nothing was denied until now way after they could have told the truth. And cleared their name maybe they just didn’t care enough to justify Travis .

      2. edimminger Post author

        I did hear that they were still under the impression that Travis was killed by intruders at the time. It doesn’t help when the attorney lies to you!

      3. legallyblonde211

        Here’s a live radio interview Chris Hughes did Sunday night. He makes a very excellent point in regards to the “email” in question (that was discussed during the prosecutorial misconduct hearing that the Defense requested in January or February which is the only time it was discussed in court as the Judge ruled it inadmissable because it was hearsay because they weren’t testifying on either side in the trial). The point is this, if there really was something in that email that proved abuse or that they though Travis was abusive to anyone, they would have had him and/or Sky on the stand. They knew that what was in that email was not damning therefore they didn’t call them. The State didn’t call them because they didn’t want the defense to question them about the email and the Defense didn’t want them to testify because they would have been able to show Jodi was cold blooded, stalker and so much more. This interview is very enlightening. I work in the legal field and can tell you he’s 100% correct that the defense had 5 years to find ONE person that Travis abused or spoke to unkindly and they couldn’t do it. They had 5 years to prove that point and not one person was located that could support Jodi’s accusations. Trust me, if there was something that would have helped the Defense’s case what-so-ever, they would have immediately called them to the stand and they would have been their first witness. Therefore I do believe Chris and Sky’s accounting of the email. You also have to remember that Travis didn’t lock his doors. Jodi was always in his house unannounced and probably a lot by herself. She was probably …she was…. on his computer and hacked into his accounts. It already came out that there were several occasions where Jodi sent her self a text from Travis’s phone. You know she probably did the same thing via email. I think that it’s very likely that she did. She was still breaking into his emails from California after she moved. In the phone interview with Dect. Flores, she said to start that Travis gave her his myspace and facebook passwords. Then after Flores told her they would be able to tell where the account was accessed based on the IP address she said well yeah you’ll see that I signed into his gmail and facebook (or perhaps gmail and myspace-can’t remember but I know gmail was one). There’s a LOT of evidence that didn’t get to come into the case because it was so damning that it would have surely kept her from getting a fair trial.

  8. edimminger Post author

    Thanks L.B. It bothers me that through Alyce they did get in some of the e-m and implied he was abusive and that Sky wouldn’t even let her sister date him.

    1. Ellen thompkins

      Have the Hughes disproved what JA and Al LaViolette have
      Said about them alyce said she interviewed sky and Chris .
      And they told her about sky’s sister and Chris also says that
      Travis was abusive so I’m not sure about either one of them.

      1. edimminger Post author

        They now say the were trying to get Jodi away from Travis and that when Sky made the comment about dating her sister she meant it was because Travis was a ‘womanizer’ and wouldn’t settle down (not that he was abusive). This did not come into court.

  9. Mali

    Following this trial faithfully since day one (not missing a single talk show on HLN from 6am to 9pm) from what I saw and heard, Travis Alexander had many good friends. Good friends that were close to him “in moments.” What he did not have was an “all-the-time” accountable close friend or a family member (or like a father image) that he could go to for help or advice. Also, I don’t find Chris and Sky Hughes to be believable in everything that they have said. It wasn’t heartfelt. At first they were betraying Travis. That changed soon. Now they seem to be having fun on talk shows. What do they hope to gain from this? Promote Legal-Shield? I hope that this was not their “game-changer”.

    1. edimminger Post author

      I saw a clip (which due to what you said I am sure you did too!) where Travis was crying as he spoke of his love for Chris. I am confused as to what exactly happened- that’s why I posted this letter…I think the defense duped them into thinking they had actually proof he was a pedo. The Hughes’ were confused. Just my opinion.

      1. legallyblonde211

        I agree with you Edimminger. I didn’t know what to think of them at first but the more I have researched, the more I have heard, the more I do believe them. The comment about Sky not allowing Travis to date her sister has been so taken out of content. That was said because Travis wasn’t settling down and come on- being a player is NOT a crime. I’m not saying that Travis was a complete saint- I don’t know a single person that is. But being a player is not a crime nor does it mean abuse or that he abused anyone. All of the writings I’ve read say the only one that was abused in this relationship was Travis. Jodi completely 100% manipulated him and controlled him. She played mind games with him and used sex to get her way. A lot of the content of the letters/Ims/Emails that they showed in court were just small portions of the writings they had. They didn’t tell you what was being said or done prior to it leading up to that segment or what was said after- only what they wanted you to hear. The jurors get the full document that was entered in court so hopefully they read it and see for themselves there was no abuse and there was no pedophilia going on by Travis. In regards to the pedophilia that one must remember- if they were into “little” boys, they wouldn’t be doing the nasty dance every chance they got with Jodi. I think Jodi introduced him to anal sex because she got him to believe that it wasn’t vaginal then it was ok. She was the freak in the relationship and used sex to get her way in every one of her past relationships. Why else would she have been with Darryl Brewer? That would be like doing her dad and that’s just ewwwwwwwwwwww.

  10. Strawn

    Okay, here’s a thought. Do not rely on Jodi Arias or her attorney’s when deciding wether or not your best friend is a pedophile. You stated she always creeped you out but you later decide her attorney is the authority on Travis Alexander and if he says my best friend is a pedophile then it must be true, because attorneys never lie, and Jodi is so trustworthy. With friends like these…

  11. GoldenRule

    Too much of what Travis’s friends have stated about him is taken out of context when it is JA or her attorneys who are making the statements. JA’s had so many years to plan and twist what she will say, and when it doesn’t work, she will twist it into something else that might work. It kills me that one mitigating factor her defense team used was that she tried to improve her life. Hmmmm, when was it that she got her GED, when she was locked up in jail and had nothing else to do? Why didn’t she obtain it before then if she was “improving her life?” hah! Exposed!

  12. pattyk

    These two make me sick. Watch his testimony!! He said Nurmi told his wife that he had 100% proof that Travis was a pedo. She writes him back saying “Oh, I knew he had issues, but nothing like this. What age children did he prefer?” Some friends huh?


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