Something funny by Karen Haskin

Karen Haskin

So can you picture Jodi at her waitressing job waiting on Martinez?

M: I’d like a hamburger medium rare please.
J: Describe Medium for me.
M; Not over done
J: What do you mean by rare?
M: Just a wee bit pink in the middle.
J: I’m sorry, can you repeat that.
M: A hamburger medium rare please. How long will that take?
J: It shouldn’t take too long.
M: Well, How long? How many minutes?
J: How many Minutes for what?
M: How many minutes before my medium rare hamburger will be ready. Ready meaning in front of me ready to eat.
J: Uhmmmm It should be ready before my shift ends, but not before the people seated behind you leave.
M: Well how long will that be?
J: If I had to guess, I would say 15 minutes.
M: Okay. So in 15 minutes I will have a hamburger right?
J: Yes.
M: Can I get fries too please.
J: We have many fries, can you be more specific.
M: Okay, I would like steak fries.
J: Uhhhmmmmm But you didn’t order steak.
M: I know, I ordered a hamburger, I would like the steak fries, the style of fries with my order.
J: Uhhmmmm what order? The hamburger?
M: Yes
J: Okay, I guess.
M: I don’t want you to guess. Can I get steak fries with my hamburger?
J: Yes
M: Can I get a drink too? What kind of drinks do you have?
J: Here at the restaurant? Or the drinks I have at home.
M: Here. At the restaurant. To go with my hamburger and Fries.
J: I don’t recall if I have any drinks at home. I live with my grandmother.
M: No. I need to know what drinks the restaurant serves.
J: Uhmmmm… This restaurant?
M: Yes, the restaurant where I am going to receive my medium rare hamburger and steak fries.
J: Uhmmmm I’m sorry can you repeat the question

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