Jodi Arias Trial 3/14 summary

Session 1:

JM (Juan Martinez) is objecting to the addition of a Power Point including slides of the brain.  He also objects to some articles and what he deems new information regarding Instrumental vs. Reactive Homicide which is another way of saying not premeditated vs. premeditated (which the judge has not allowed). The argument goes back and forth between the prosecutor and the defense.  We will hear some testimony from the expert today and rule on other aspects later.


Session 2:

Dr. Richard Samuels:

He gives his credentials.  He goes on to his experience with JA (Jodi Arias) including at least 12 meetings, reading her journal and giving her 2 tests.  He says she has PTSD due to the crime she committed. This explains her memory loss, denial of the crime and flat affect.

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