Jodi Arias redirect, day 2 summary

Session 1:

  1. JOURNAL:  She indicates she would not have put the pedo incident in her journal.  In journal she mentions being ‘haunted by it’ and says: “I cannot marry him…something’s off with that boy.” She says she would have been worried about her children.  She also claims Travis said if he could marry her he would ‘win the wife lottery.’  She felt anxiety about (moving) and  ‘leaving him to his own devices.’
  2. She called a lot of people “Hottie-Biscotti.”
  3. She sent the Grandma of Travis Iris’s as she was the only one she had met in the family and she felt doing nothing would look worse.
  4. VIOLENCE:  Travis banging his head in one incident and hitting her car in another.  The car incident was after Disneyland and they were stuck in traffic.  She says Travis was hitting the steering wheel and screaming at the other drivers.  She was “shocked” as this was the first time she saw his temper.
  5. SEX:  N mentions the intercourse while asleep again- she says it was a mistake.  Then the arm grab and bend over incident- she says it was better than the violence escalating.
  6. ROBBERY:  N asks would she have had access to other guns- her  “yes.” She mentions several people she knows with guns and a number of guns her father had (one with a silencer).
  7. She choose to rent a car from Redding as it was the only place offered at priceline.  Says she could have borrowed a car from friends or family.  Also Redding was on her way.

Session 2:

  1. N goes over gas receipts.  She says she topped off the tank.
  2. License plate story is repeated.
  3. Now her story is she needed the gas cans for the trip on I 15 as she had never driven it and was worried she would get stuck in the desert.
  4. N reviews all her (alleged) violent encounters with Travis.  He points out that she shkes and has memory issues related to these encounters.
  5. Asks if Travis was a runner- No
  6. N shows her face from the nude photo- asks if she was comfortable there- No.  She is not sure where the rope went.  She introduced KY for the painful sexual encounters.  Travis refused to buy it- didn’t want to be seen.  Travis had as “all access pass” to her body.

Session 3:

  1. Though she admitted to the stabbing she does not actually remember it.  Says they were her actions, her responsibility.
  2. Claims she never told Mr. Violet (sp) that Travis was watching kiddie porn on his computer.
  3. DAY OF MURDER:  Claims Travis did not shave the day of the murder. Does not remember if she lost any consciousness after she was tackled. Doesn’t recall shaking at that time. Claims she remembered the time he ‘almost killed her’ and that went through her mind. He is screaming at her.  She doesn’t remember a knife. Doesn’t remember the cleanup or the dragging.  Does remember screaming and dropping the knife. N asks her in several ways if she went to Travis’ on June 4 to kill him, she says no.  She felt she had no choice.
  4. AFTER THE MURDER: N asks why she sent texts- she knew she did something wrong. And was scared.  Says it’s not okay to kill under any circumstance.  Says part of her wishes she was the one dead.
  5. Regarding lying afterward- it wasn’t her goal to evade, just didn’t want people to know she could do this and that Travis could be violent.
  6. N talks about there being lots of secrets ‘behind these doors’ (shows diagram of Travis’ bedroom.  She agrees they had a secret life with sex and violence in it. Even after arrested she kept these secrets for years. N implies she would rather die than expose these secrets.  N asks if it was her desire to reveal all this in front of a jury and national audience- No. N rests.
  7. Judge says there are about 100 jury questions the 2 sides will review tomorrow morning.  The jury will be back in court at 1 pm.


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