Jodi Arias vs. Juan Martinez (Day Five)

Session 1:

  1. Changed her story on when her luggage was taken out- now she’s not sure when, but after 2pm.
  2. On Direct she said it was Travis’ idea to take the shower photos but she told Detective Flores that “It took a lot of convincing” and he first said “No” then “I feel gay.”
  3. He shaved before the pictures were taken and that is when she convinced him to do the photo shoot.
  4. This was a camera she had never used before.
  5. JM showed the seated photo of Travis (still alive).  At first she said the shot was inadvertent but it was in focus and aimed at him so she admitted she took it on purpose.
  6. Picture with the water on his face.  She admitted this  entire shoot was her idea- like a “Calvin Klein ad”, and she was directing the poses. (So she got him seated so he’s more vulnerable.)
  7. Says she was kneeling for these last 2 shots then dropped the camera, he stood up called her a “F’n idiot,” looked really angry and picked her up and body slammed her. She hit her head and had the wind knocked out of her.  (She is not sure if he still had one foot in the shower when she was body slammed – JM did a physical demo of this showing how ridiculous it was).
  8. She remembers all this despite the head injury.
  9. She says now he’s standing over her and she rolls to the left gets up.  JM says Travis could have been meaning to help her up.  She gets up and runs down the hall.  She is clothed, he is not. She has “no problem” getting away from him though she was on the floor and he was over her.  JM says “So this guy who’s in  great shape…a wrestler…can’t catch you?” She runs down the hall and goes into the closet.  She slams the door.  JM says: “You’re saying someone in great shape can’t catch you?”
  10. JM shows crime scene photo and asks where were you in this photo (paraphrasing).  She begins to cry.  JM asks: “Did you cry when you shot him?”  Her: “I don’t remember.”  JM: “Did you cry when you were stabbing him?”  Her: “I don’t remember.”  JM “Did you cry when you slit his throat?”  Her: ”I don’t know.” JM: “You’re the one that did this, right?”  Her: “Yes.” JM: “And You’re the one that lied about all this, right?”  Her: “Yes.”  Lunch recess called.

Session 2:

  1. Previous crime scene photo is shown.  He’s feet away , she says he could touch her, she rolls then JM asks: “You were able to get up?”  Her; “Yes.”
  2. She runs.  At first she says she didn’t know if he was following her then she says she thought she heard footsteps.   JM asks: “Did you hear footsteps?”  Her: “yes.”  JM  says: “So he is coming after you…you’re scared and this man who’s in shape can’t catch you?”  Her: “Yes.”
  3. She runs into closet and slams the door.  JM says:  “You can’t see through the door…how do you know he’s still mad?” She admits she doesn’t know what he’s doing but she goes for the weapon. JM says: “You’re inside the closet, he’s on the other side of the door”.  Establishes that she has time to think- run out the other door of the closet or get the gun.  The door is just as close- she could have kept running, then went down the hall, down the stairs and out.  But instead she puts one foot on a shelf and reaches up and grabs the gun with one hand, never using the other hand for stability. JM show picture of the pristine closet where nothing, not the shoes, the clothes, the ties, not anything is disturbed. JM asks how tall she is- 5’6”. The shelf is up higher than the doorframe.  JM says she said previously that the gun is kept at the back of the shelf. The closet measures 11 ½ feet. ( He says that’s small- she says it’s bigger than the cell I live in.  He calls her on her attitude.) That means she had a good head start.  She claims he was coming through the door as she went for the gun.  JM mentions she said he did not have a gun then confronts her about bring the gun from Yreka. She denies it. JM-She had a head start when he is entering and she choose to escalate the situation by getting the gun.  (IMO this is critical – shows pre-med  even with her story).
  4. She goes into the center of the bathroom and turn sand points the gun as he is running in.  She mentions the wet floor and JM puts the pic of the dragging and shows her that she had socks.  JM points out Travis was naked and wet so slippery for him.
  5. JM points out it would have been closer for her to run out of the bathroom than to run into the middle of the bathroom stop and turn around.  She has the gun in both hands and he’s running at her.  Both called it a “defining moment.”
  6. JM changes the subject to some of the last texts.  He points out nowhere on the texts or in e-mails does Travis ever threaten her physically.  She did threaten to sock him- but she claims it was a joke.  Mentions the fight with Travis about Dan taking things out of her backpack.  She claims Travis started that fight but JM says her attitude started it.
  7.  Back to the gun/lunge…JM is establishing the distance between her and Travis 9 feet.  He’s running at her and lunges and the gun goes off.  His head is down as he lunges.

Session 3

  1. She demonstrates the “tackle”.  JM points out that even though she is on the ground she was able to get away from ‘this wrestler.”
  2. She can’t remember how the camera was moved.  She admits she must have put it in the washing machine. JM indicates it shows her mental state that she: deleted the photos, put it in the machine.  Also deleting the photos isn’t a one step process and she hadn’t used Travis’ camera before. She had the thought process and the mechanical ability to remove the pictures. Deleting the pictures would help only her.  All this in ‘A fog.’
  3. JM says she knew he was dead.  That there was no one else there.
  4. A glass was moved from under the sink (she was cleaning up).
  5. No blood after the end of the hall- she cleaned herself up.
  6. JM pointed out there was no record of her having been in Arizona. She said “Surveillance cameras.”
  7. They argued over whether she used the gas cans in AZ.
  8. She stopped before the checkpoint, tossed the gun.  JM – There was no need to take the gun if in a fog. JM mentions grandpa’s gun again.
  9. She admits she did something wrong to Travis.


  1. No knife was found so she must have taken it. She admits Travis was stabbed.
  2. JM asks if he (Travis) was stabbed in the back (and shot in the head) he would be no threat.
  3. She admitted she cut his throat.
  4. JM asked why she took the rope if it wasn’t part of the murder and she was in a fog.
  5. She changed her clothes and washed her hands.
  6. She made some calls, including one to Ryan (lying about her cell phone charger.) JM- She still had the ability to think to protect herself.  JM: “You would have been satisfied (relieved) avoiding any of the consequences of killing Mr. A.”  Her “That was my goal that day. Sent a text to Travis about cashing her check.  JM- No reason to leave a dead man a text.
  7. Left a long e-mail to Travis on June 7…”hope you weren’t upset I didn’t come to see you…”

Last Part:

  1. JM called her out on Travis being hypersexual saying she gave as good as she got.  He said she enjoyed the sex (she said yes) even though she had spent days and days talking about how bad it made her feel.
  2. JM called her out on the lack of proof (and nothing written in her journal) about physical abuse.
  3. JM says she believes she’ll be acquitted because she told these stories.
  4. JM shows the clip with “No jury will ever convict me…because I’m innocent.”  He asks if it is no jury will convict because of the suicide or because she’s innocent?  She agreed these are 2 different statements.

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