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Women’s Shelter Doesn’t Want Jodi’s Money!

From “The State vs. Jodi Arias” facebook site: (Credit to Laura Payne)

“Women Shelter of Long Beach does not have knowledge of the facts nor any opinion on the case before the courts which involves Jodi Arias. WSLB supports the process of the courts and we do believe the court will do it’s work. As we have no opinion on the case, we have asked the web site “JodiAriasIsInnocent.com” to remove our name from their website and believe they have done so. We had no prior knowledge of or involvement in the T-Shirt campaign on that website. WSLB is concerned for all victims of domestic abuse and our mission is to provide shelter, support services, and community education to help victims and work towards eliminating domestic violence in our communities. We would be pleased to accept donations that are given directly to our organization. Thanks for your support!”