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Why Jodi Wants Death

For the longest time I thought that Jodi was asking for the Death Penalty to try to trick the Jury into giving her Life in Prison. You know- the old ‘reverse psychology’ trick. I thought- yeah, they hate her so much and she absolutely doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life in a cage (you know she’s so young, doesn’t smoke and her family has a history of longevity- though her Dad has cancer…) oh, and let’s not forget poor granny in the wheelchair almost comatose during the trial (but  a spry old fox when filmed leaving the jail after seeing Jodi- at one point she looks like she is talking on a cell phone and jumps over a curb. And doesn’t even look down. You know even when I was young if I had to jump a curb I looked down at it as I jumped. Please go to you tube and check this out!) But I digress…I have now changed my mind about the reverse psychology and here’s why:

She wants to ‘win.’ She has asked for Death, believes they are going to give her Death, but she asked for it so she wins! She will appear to be happy with the decision thus taking the victory away from the public. She got what she wanted! And as an added bonus she can continue to play the martyr. Because well, you know she is a ‘survivor’ of domestic abuse. I was abused/stalked and got a restraining order and went into hiding. There is NO WAY on this Earth that I would drive 1/100th of a mile to see my abuser, much less 1000 miles!  NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!