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What You May Not Know About Jodi

From a 2009 blog about this case:


*JadeLeigh, on May 27, 2009 at 7:13 am said:
I wouldn’t say I KNOW Jodi, but I have met her, and witnessed her “handy – work” first hand. I used to talk with and ended up visiting a boy she was interested in (1997 -1998) …she broke in his house and cut the phone lines, one time while I was at his house we were in his room and she was peeping through the window watching us….She always seemed sweet and such, but you could tell something was seriously wrong just below the surface.
Info: kristinarandle.com


Other items you may not know:

-She hit her 5 year-old brother in the head with a baseball bat.

-She locked a cat in a room for 2 weeks (no food/water).

-She kicked a dog (and it was never seen again).

-She grew pot on her roof at age 14.

-She had sex for the first time at 15.

-She dropped out of High School at 17 and moved in with boyfriend.

-She hit and kicked her Mother.

 Such a nice girl, and good with knives, too.