Blade Runner Trial – Day 15

Interesting texts from Reeva were shown today- here are some parts:

1.  “I get snapped at and told my accents and my voice are annoying. i touch your neck to show u i care you tell me to stop. Stop chewing gum. do this don’t do that.”

2. “I’m scared of you sometimes and how you snap at me… I do everything to make u happy and to not say anything to rock the boat with u. you do everything to throw tantrums in front of people.”

3. “u are very quick to act cold and offish when you’re unhappy… every 5 seconds i hear how u dated another chick.”

4. “i am the girl who let go with u even when i was scared out of my mind to. i’m the girl who feel in love with u and wanted to tell u this weekend.”

Also today a neighbor agreed with previous testimony that she heard a female scream then a male and then 3 shots. The defense said it was not a female, but Pistorius screaming and the shots were actually the bat hitting the door. The witness stuck to her story. For more here’s the link:

11 thoughts on “Blade Runner Trial – Day 15

  1. Pam

    No matter how you tell the story common sense tells you a thief would not be in the master bathroom with the owner right in his bed. How come if he thought there was an intruder didn’t he check to make sure she was in bed safe before he got his gun then explore? Why not say I have a gun come out instead of batting a door with a stick then shooting??? Where is the thief going to go??? How many times did he have to shoot an unarmed woman????…. in a bathroom before he knew it was her??? It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

    by the way…does anyone come to this blog anymore ?? lol

    1. edimminger Post author

      I agree- however he is much loved there and most of the media is on his side. He claims the ‘intruder’ broke in through the bathroom window. I have about 200 a day here.

      1. Pam

        Thats great….I miss our good times.. I hope they can take us if we get going again. I miss the nights we kept going for hours we were so pissed about hodie Have you heard whats going on with her?? And wheres our others buddies???

      2. edimminger Post author

        Just found out the the lady who was the mitigation specialist was busted for trying to smuggle a ‘work of art’ from Hodi in jail! Oops!!! I miss the long talks too…I can’t believe we have to wait until September. Maybe another really good case will come up soon. Pistorius is kinda boring.

      3. Pam

        I just want to see that murdering bit*h get whats coming to her. It still bothers me so much that some one can say “oh I saw a picture float to the floor ” and try to turn a good person into a pedophile. How come he wants to kill her over a dropped camera but when she blew his BMW’s engine he didn’t??? Oh my I think I need to stab this guy 28 times then ahhhh let me see shoot him in the head to be safe. She climbed threw a dog door. Hid under his x-mas tree. Spied threw his doors. Yeah he did say bad the end, after she said threatened him with some stuff we never found out. Probably to make up the pedophile stuff. See I’m still pissed. I don’t even believe in the death penalty but I decided what would be better. Put her in Alaska’s State Pen. The most notorious prison in the US because it;s escape proof. Put her in general population and tell the boys to have a good time. Let her spend her life like that the grrrrrrrr

        I’m still angry for his family. She wanted him. Used sex to get him. Couldn’t keep him. Killed him.

      4. edimminger Post author

        I am hoping when the new jury hears the evidence as you have just presented it they will see her for what she really is. It was horrible the way she killed him and it was unforgivable the way she ruined his reputation in court. She is truly a sociopath. I think she would like it in Alaska with all the men…

  2. Pam

    LOL isn’t just what I said there was pleanty more..Lets see if I remember all. If I forget let me know ok??
    She found out he was taking another woman on a trip!!!!!!
    1. She left her car and rented another about an hour from her house.
    2. She died her hair
    3.She didn’t leave from her own house..she left from staying overnight some where else so no one saw her rental at her place.
    4. She bought a gas can, said she returned it but prosecution proved she lied. Shut off her cell phone before leaving state.
    OOO no # cause I almost forgot…. Got gas twice at same station, Used card for one purchase and cash for second. Tried to hide this..
    5. She was suppose to be going to see the other guy.
    6. Took a around about route with lease traffic to be spotted and messed with the license plates on the car putting one upside down saying kids did it. ” kids carry screwers for just this chance lol”
    7. She keeps saying he invited her there. I know they talked but I don’t remember any texts that he said “red rover come on over”
    Basic’s… She could not have found or reached the gun without messing up something. Plus she said in earlier statement several times he didn’t have a gun. He h body slammed her..she would have stayed body slammed ” after all he did keep her in palace to break to lil pinky “bullsh*t”

    Most of all I think different then the prosecution. I think she held the gun on him when she made him face away from her. He was probably still stunned. Then she dropped gun and grabbed the knife out of her blouse which she stuck there when she got dressed and slashed him before he had a chance to think.

    Omg I have run out of typing energy..there’s to much proof to type…..


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