Blade Runner Trial – Day 10

The defense scored some points today as the former police colonel, G.S. Van Rensburg, was on the stand. Rensburg described several problems that came up including a detective handling the gun without gloves, one of Pistorius’s watches went missing, and the bathroom door was supposed to have been bagged and sent to his office. Rensburg had to resign from the force in December for mishandling the door after 30 years as an officer. Roux (defense lawyer) also brought up the statements of three police officers whose accounts differed with Rensburg’s. When prosecutor Gerrie Nel ran through some photos Pistorius kept his head down.

5 thoughts on “Blade Runner Trial – Day 10

  1. Pam

    Some one broke into his house to steal one watch and take a piss…ok. Wanna sell me a piece of land in the middle of the Mississippi River?

  2. Susan David

    OMG….perhaps you can’t commit murder and get away with it….seem to be seeing it all the time…money really does talk……praying that he is found guilty for what he did….justice got Reeva!


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