Blade Runner Trial- Day Three

Today an athlete named Kevin Lerena described how Pistorius accidentally shot off a gun in a restaurant and then asked him to say he was the one who shot it. Darren Fresco passed his pistol to Pistorius. A shot went off. He said Pistorius checked to make sure everyone was alright (though in another version Lorena’s toe was grazed) then asked him to take the blame so he did. This happened about one month before Pistorius shot Reeva. The prosecution is trying to paint him as trigger-happy, and he has pleaded not guilty to another gun charge for putting a bullet through the sun-roof of a car.

The defense once again tried to convince the prosecution witnesses that what they heard were not gun shots but Pistorius breaking down the door with a bat. This is much like what was covered yesterday.

Link- has today and review the case:

More detail about today’s testimony:

4 thoughts on “Blade Runner Trial- Day Three

  1. K

    Ok, so he first tried to get to her with a bat…I’m not seeing how that helps him. I think it just shows rage.

  2. Pam

    My reasoning is still that if he went to bed with her and he woke up and she’s not in the bed…..and you hear a noise in the bathroom ??? duh! Shoot her for being noisy?


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