5 thoughts on “Defense Motion against Martinez

  1. Moemoe Pazos

    There is not any reputable psychologist or psychiatrist that would come to the same conclusions that LaViolette and Samuels did based on lies that came from the mouth of a compulsive liar Jodi Arias.They would have passed on this case. The defense knew exactly what documents Samules and LaViolette reviewed and what there testimony would be. Why not blame social media,Probably because it sounds better than the defense has done a poor job on selecting two experts that have failed miserably.Put the blame where it belongs on the defense. Its ironic that Jodi blames Travis and the defense blames social media ! Just saying !

  2. JZ

    I agree that this is the best the defense could do. I wonder how many other experts the defense actually courted before finding these two. LaViolette, up to this point, has had a very good reputation of being knowledgeable in the field of DV. She is going to get paid no matter what she says now. She should save her reputation and just answer the questions as they are asked instead of giving snarky responses when she knows the true answer will be unfavorable to the defense, eg. the “time out” reply. JM wasn’t even yelling at her. She just didn’t want to answer the question honestly. I hope that she finds the money she is making on this case more valuable than her reputation, because, unless she starts being honest and admits that she didn’t know a lot of things and her conclusion is flawed, the money is going to be all she has left.

    1. edimminger Post author

      Apparently the defense went through 6 others before they found her! Also check out some of the Amazon reviews of her book in a post below–she’s done. Last, if I was a juror on this case I would be very upset and all her stalling and hedging questions. It would feel like she has wasted a lot of my time on an already long trial.


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